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    Fact#1:Determine if You Are a Candidate for Managed Services

    TBYTE12 Wayfarer

      Managed services are an idea whose time has come. Take a look at the checklist below to determine whether managed services are right for you. If you answer “yes” to any of the listed items, learning more about managed services might help your company.

      My business is facing challenges:
      • Staffing IT professionals
      • Staying up-to-date with evolving technologies and IT skills sets
      • Managing and maintaining current infrastructure, hardware and software
      • Securing data, transactions, and communications
      • Responding quickly to time-to-market demands
      • Remaining flexible enough to maintain a competitive position
      • Reducing network overhead costs
      • Operating in real-time to meet 24-hour demand
      • Delivering services to branch offices and remote workers

      My business is in transition:
      • We need to upgrade, refurbish, move, or relocate existing infrastructure
      • The scope or scale of current business operations is changing
      • A merger, partnership, or acquisition is altering operations
      • We need to increase the range and level of service
      • Our growth targets depend on implementing new technologies
      • We are expanding into new markets

      My business wants to increase profitability:
      • We prefer to dedicate resources to our core competencies and mission-critical processes, rather than network support activities
      • We view managed services as a good strategy for gaining efficiencies and reducing cost
      • We need to implement a global network service but lack internal global resources
      • We are concerned with our ability to keep up with the latest security threats and to meet privacy and security regulations
      • We are experiencing dynamic business growth while undergoing downsizing and/or hiring freezes