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    Business start up with less than perfect credit

    jaymay252000 Newbie
      My name is Jason Mayhew. I work as a personal trainer/martial arts instructor/program director/marketing of a local health club in Galesburg, IL. I have a huge following of students in my classes that I have had for a few years now. The health club I work at is ran horribly by its owner. All the members are unhappy and when I speak to them of my future plans in owning a gym I see excitement in their eyes. I have been buying peices of equipment little by little for a while now. I really want to dive into this and run an honest business without all the greed similar to other business owners in this field. I hurt my credit when I was young, but have came a long way in the repair process. I am 30 years old raising my 3 nieces and a step-daughter and I am so motivated to provide for them. I also promote fights and make a great income doing that, so Im not worried about starting up a business and making money from the start. I plan to re-invest as much as i can in the beginning years. Is there any help out there for me to get going??? I would drop to my knees and beg for help, but however, this is the internet. Haha. Any advice would truely make my day.