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    Eco friendly T-shirt, Ecologic goods

    lindoneto Newbie

      We are manufacture and exporter from Brazil


      Worried with our planet and life on the earth, we are joining to many other people world wide and launched our innovative T-shirt made of recycled products which not only dress well but the most important is saving energy as you do not need to press and the stamps are made with paint which base is water.


      Pet Bottle of tissue: a guarantee excellent performance in any sport, because it consists of fibers from last generation that facilitate the transport of sweat to the outside of the fabric accelerating its drying and keeping the body always dry and body temperature stable.

      Bamboo fiber: Produced with high technology, the fabric has many positive attributes, among them are: feeling of freshness and comfort, excellent absorption of moisture avoiding clothes that the paste to the body, the fiber used in the manufacture of clothing has a bio bactericidal agent called "bamboo kun "that even after 50 washes with its features still active, ie not allow the clothes that develop unpleasant smell of sweat after use.


      Visit our web page.