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    Websites as business tools for sales, marketing, advertising

    bigcloudmedia Adventurer
      Good day all.

      I just wanted to get out there a couple reasons all businesses should
      have a website for their company and the various ways a presence on the
      web can help to bring more business your way.

      Perhaps the number 1 reason to obtain a website for your business is
      that it works all the time. People shop after business hours all the
      time. It's like being open for business 24/7 only the website does the
      work for you. Besides that though, here are 5 other things to consider:

      1) Websites are a popular avenue for businesses because they get the
      word out there and they are much less expensive to maintain and promote
      than a lot of other advertising options. Once you have a website, there
      are many different ways to promote it and get it stuck in your
      customers' heads. Now-a-days, in the case of businesses, it seems that
      people remember a catchy website more often than they do a phone number.

      2) Often times, customers check the company's website for sales, new
      items, and events (to name a few). Some people don't necessarily want
      to buy online, but they would like to preview the items and then go an
      purchase them. A good website for your company can encompass all of
      these things and offer your customers more options and more information
      about the things they are interested in.

      3) Directions and other info can be provided through your website. This
      can save that hassle of having to give directions to people because you
      can refer them to your website and it will map it out for them. This
      ultimately saves time for both the customer and you.

      4) Marketing through a website is much more cost effective than many
      other forms of advertising and once you have a website, you can market
      it through the other avenues you currently use (i.e. Business cards,
      commercials, store-front signs, tv, radio, etc). You can advertise
      through search engines, networking sites, blogs, set up an e-commerce
      site for those who want to buy online, and the list goes on. With a
      website you can not only market through the website but market the
      website through the other avenues you already use, making it work for
      you at all times. Something else to consider: Correctly advertising
      your website through the online options, if done right, can be just as
      effective as other campaigns and often less costly.

      5) This last reason is just some food for thought. We are not making
      any implications, it is just what we have experienced and also heard
      from others. A business without a website is sometimes passed over for
      the one that has one. I have often heard that if a business doesn't
      have a presence on the web, they may not be as professional as the
      company that does. This is not a truth but just some food for thought.
      A business with a website is often perceived as a more professional

      So those were my reasons why businesses should have a website.
      Ultimately, a well-built and good looking website can't hurt the
      company that it represents. It is the ultimate marketing tool and
      customers will use it.

      Thank you for your time and please let me know if you are interested in
      a website for your business or company. We host, maintain and offer SEO
      (search engine optimization) packages and we design and develop
      websites and web-applications for businesses. You can find us online

      Good health and good fortune.

      Koji Flowers
      Big Cloud Media
      "We dont' just build websites, we open doors."