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    Need Some Guerilla Marketing Ideas

    NoBullFunding Scout
      Hi All,

      I'd like to tap into the expertise and creativity that I know exists on this forum. I've recently launched a site which caters to locals in my area. I just moved, and was having a terrible time finding restaurant menus online, so I went to every restaurant in town, scanned their menus, and organized them on to a single site. The next step is to sell ad space to local restaurants on the website.

      Does anyone have any ideas for guerilla marketing that can start getting people to visit my site? Here's what I have so far:

      • There are local are blogs that discuss restaurants, so I'll make mention of my site there
      • I've submitted to google and so far it seems to be picking the site up pretty well
      • I'm using google adwords, and limited the search area to within a few miles of my town
      • I plan to give away ad space to restaurants, and in exchange will have the restaurants put refrigerator magnets in the bags for take-out orders
      • Put refrigerator magnets on the mailboxes of local homes
      • Put magnets under windshield wipers in local parking lots, train stations

      Any other clever ideas? Since I'm doing it so locally, I can do a lot of manual leg work
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          You read all kinds of things in this community about how important search ranking is, as though that's the only marketing tool a business has -- but in this case, it's a valid argument. I travel a lot and often use sites like this. I Google "restaurant menus <city I'm visiting>" and the top ranked item is usually gives me just what I need (map, listings, descriptions, menus).

          In my home (Austin) the site will come up tops in that search. It's a great site (and a good name), and because of that, it has built a strong reputation locally just by word-of-mouth. It's one of those things people who dine out all just seem to know about. It sounds like you didn't come up with any results when you Googled restaurant menus for your city, so that gives you a head start in building a following.

          Beyond taking it to the streets and spreading the word as you have been, you might focus on two target groups specifically -- new residents and visitors. If your local chamber, realtors group, or other agency provides newcomers with a "welcome" package of any kind, you'd want to be in on that. Likewise, if you have a convention and visitors bureau, you might want to see if you can include your promos items with their materials. You might also visit local hotels/motels that do not have a formal concierge, but that do cater to travelers and offer high-speed internet connections -- perhaps you could put a magnet on the desk in each room.

          You might also visit busy restaurants at prime time (when there are waiting lines outside), and "survey" people. "Have you heard of <sitename>?" If they say no, you give them a ten-second pitch and one of your promo items -- or maybe even show them the site on your smart phone or laptop.

          There's a couple of ideas anyway. Hope they help. Best wishes.
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              NoBullFunding Scout
              Thanks Lighthouse, exactly what I was looking for. The site is still a work in process, but I definately need to work on the SEO. Right now it comes up for certain keywords but not others. Then again it's only been a week since the site went live. I read somewhere that a consistent blog or articles will help with SEO, so I'll try something like that.

              I like the welcome pack idea. I actually subscribed to a service that sent coupons to new resident (mixed results) but given that my site is a restaurant guide, I think it would be something new residents would want.

              Thanks again!
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  The true essence of guerilla marketing is it's unexpectedness. It is about catching people where they are at. So here are my suggestions:

                  1. Print up some stickers that are easy to remove with a funny message about your service and that gives your website and place them strategically around a high foot traffic area.

                  2. Buy some of those plastic teeth, the whole mouth set and attach them to poles, railing, anywhere you can with the message: Looking to sink your teeth into some great food? Go to

                  3. Guild you a simply information booth that easily transported and set up - it can be a card table with a "Information" sign above it. Man it for about an hour and a half during lunch on a street corner. Hand out cards with your web address and a message. (You might want to get a permit for this one. I wouldn't but that is my personality - I don't mind the ticket)

                  Have fun with it. Find unique ways to capture people's attention. There is something about the sign the gave the distance to all the home cities from the MASH tv show that I am seeing but I don't have it just yet. I hope this helps.
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                wtgg123 Newbie
                A couple other low cost ideas
       they can target a campaign on cable radio and internet not too expensive. I would think you want to drive people to your website, so they can bookmark it and return regularly.
                local newspapers, get an interview in the lifestyle area in a sunday issue.
                Takes some work but craiglist may work for you as well.
                get linked with the resturants sites, usually just asking will get an ok.
                I suppose to make your service worthy of advertising you need heavy daily traffic, so just about anything that gets your url in the light should help.
                I just started a "shopping bag" campaign, where an ad is printed on a shopping bag that is sold at a discount to local's cheap and gets into almost every local household.
                good luck
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                  TheMediaHog Newbie

                  Visibility is everything when you're marketing a business. A sign, a website, even a business card can do it, but in very limited scope. Advertising can do it... at a high price that says to the reader that you've paid to toot your own horn.


                  Providing visibility with credibility is the role of PR. Best of all, it can do it at a fraction of the cost of advertising and with increased perception of your company as a valuable, newsworthy product or source of information. Taking the ideas that iWrite suggested, build upon the concepts and make them newsworthy. Send a press release to your local media luring them to cover you. If you create enough hype behind your activities, your business could be featured in newspapers, magazines, or even special events arranged to showcase your product(s).


                  So, when you're working on your marketing plan/activities, don't forget PR. It is a great tool to increase sales... giving you the "best bang for your buck". For more information on how PR can help you reach your sales goals, visit!
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                    skunyak Newbie
                    An inexpensive way to promote your website isto give out postcards or flyers to diners at your local restaurants.
                    Since diners are your target audience giving flyersto diners asthey leave is a method of attracting the right people.

                    Another effective method is to print up choroplast signs and have people hold up the signs at major intersections
                    with a lot of car traffic. You would be amazed how many impressions you can get with this method.

                    All these products are available for an inexpensive price at
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                      vtps001 Newbie
                      You have given a nice and useful ideas on the Guerilla Marketing I too needed a ideas about he Guerilla Marketting my friend suggested a site


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                        Blabberguy Newbie
                        One suggestion is not to put your magnets on a post office mail box or not in. Post Masters are funny about that. I work for a newspaper and they where in trouble because they put it in the box. Just check with them to see if attaching it is o.k. under the free resource links (at the bottom of the page) under small biz help you will find a list of no gimmick links to help with free advertising & support. Another idea is to advertise on their place matts which you may have to pay another company for that. Make a trip to all the local office buildings and leave flyers, business cards and whatever you think will help. I worked in a large office and we kept a folder of menus which we lose.

                        Good luck!