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    Business plan help

    jp6122 Wayfarer
      I am writing a business plan for a new cafe type restaurant. I need help finishing it. I am down to the nuts an bolts (ie. all of the figures) and I am have a hard time. I want to start getting this plan in front of people soon, so I would like to finish this ASAP. The building that this business needs to go in is up for rent and I don't want to lose it. If I lose it it ruins the whole concept and theme of this place. Is there an easier, kind of cheat sheet for the numbers end of a business plan or do I just pay some one to finish it? This is one of those things were the concept of this type of cafe is proven and the area that I want to put it in needs one, I just need to make sure I have the right numbers on the paper to show that.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Business plan help. Welcome

          Who are you?? Where are you and this new restaurant located??

          Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help you both in person and online.
          SCORE can help you with the Business Plan.

          A Business Plan is like "This is Your Life". WHY CHEAT, WHY PAY SOMEONE TO DO IT??
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              jp6122 Wayfarer
              I am a mid 30's guy who has the drive to finally give this business a try. This has been a business that I have been thinking about for years and I now want to see if I can do it. To say it is a restaurant is kind of over shooting it a little. Its more of a cafe, there will just be gourmet sandwiches, salads and a small kids menu. The cafe will be located in a small historic town in Southeast Michigan. The catch to the cafe is that it is going to have a large indoor play structure for kids. I am not sure if you have seen one of these type businesses, they are starting to get pretty popular. I want to take mine up a notch as far as food quality and theme. Its going to be a little more work, but in the end it will be worth it.

              I guess I kind off miss-spoke, I believe that I have the passion and sales pitch portion of the business plan done and after putting all of that together in just cemented by belief even more that it is the right place and time to do this. I pretty much have the costs that its going to take to get it up and running all done. I am just unsure on how to attack the sales projections and profit charts to show that this will make money to investors. I'm not sure how I get the information that shows "we are going to have this may people a day and they are going to spend this much money" I want this information to be as accurate as I can. I am willing to gamble, but I want it to be an educated gamble.

              I have seen score on these forums, but have not been there I will check it out.