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    Free Focus Groups Among Each Other - Start Here

    LyndaB Newbie
      I was thinking if we all participated in opinions as consumers with each other service, products, since that is what we are all trying to gain it would be helpful to all of us in addition to networking of course. I am a Independent Herbalife Distributor. I have been on the products for 5 months now, lost weight (35 lbs and going), have never had more energy and felt better in my life and have kept the weight off. I truly believe in my product, understand the science behind it and know its the best! Though this worked for me, I was desparate when I tried it, if someone told me "drink this motor oil and you'll lose weight", I would of. I want the average consumers opinion. What would it take for you to try (since our weight loss programs are our biggest seller), let's say one of our weight loss programs. Free samples? For how many days? Proof it works? Clinical studies? Price? Taste? Safety? Brand Name? Please numbering in order of importance. What would you say if you filled in information for a "lose weight now" survey, what you would want to get in return? What would you pay to sample a product, it least shipping and handling? If you got a free sample, what would you expect from it, just to taste, feel, read information on it, all of the above or would you need to see results before you would purchase. What would it take for you to try it without a sample? Would you ever attend a seminar or go to a free meeting at a church or YMCA to sample the products? I have a great customer base, I just want to kick it up a notch with some real quality service for prospects, I love what I do, helping people get healthier and changing lives. Thanks for your inut!
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          I guess to start with, I'd have to be overweight. That may sound like a flippant answer, but bear with me.

          To "kick it up a notch," you have to constantly "pitch" to the right prospects. The general public is not your target group, so mass-marketing to them will be too expensive in terms of the sales you'll make. Among the general public are overweight people (they're not the target group either). Among those who are overweight are individuals who recognize that they're overweight (still not the target group). Among those who recognize that they're overweight are people who care that they're overweight (nope, not them either). Among those who care that they're overweight are people who decided to do something about it (getting closer). Among those who decided to do something about it are the people for whom none of the "traditional" weight loss approaches have worked (almost there). Among those for whom "traditional" weight loss approaches haven't worked are those who are "desperate" (to use your term) for a weight loss solution that will work. THERE'S your target market.

          So your challenge (and key to marketing success) is to find THEM, and ask THEM what it will take to try your product. Further (because the company you represent has been network marketing products for 30 years, and there are literally more than a million people from whom someone could buy the same product for the same price), you need to give your prospect a reason to buy from YOU and to KEEP buying from you.

          Hope that helps. Good luck!