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    Need advise on how to open your own indoor skatepark.

    DreSk8 Newbie
      Hey everybody I just signed up and I'm looking for help. I live in a area where the aggressive sport culture has really taken off. Two years ago the thought of having a skate park was a dream however now there's an outdoor skate park in every town. I've seen the growing popularity of these sports and know that the nearest indoor skate park would be hours away, out of reach for many kids. I live in a very populated area and new york city is right across the river. So you see there's a great opportunity to capitalize on the great demand for a nearby indoor skate park, placing this park locally will give access to many kids in many towns so there would never be a lack of traffic. This a great chance to develop the culture even further as well as provide a alternate activity for city kids to be a part of. Any advice on the steps i should take to reach this goal would be appreciated since this is all new to me and lack knowledge on to go about getting licenses and investors to start a business.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Need advise on how to open indoor skate park, Welcome

          who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info. I think that the concept of an indoor skate park is a great idea, and would like to help you out if I can.
          I live in Rockland County (near the Tappan Zee Bridge) and love the idea of finding activities for city kids.
          I am also a SCORE Counselor and SCORE helps people FREE.
          You need to develop both a Business and a Marketing Plan (and yes both SCORE and I can help)

          Best of luck, LUCKIEST
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            ArtBrigata Newbie
            Hey Sk8,

            I worked in the ASR (Action Sports Industry) prior to what I do now in the music and entertainment industry. Luck is right you need to definitely do some research and draft up a business plan. You can also do some searches to see if the area you are in will allow it, and if there are insurance companies that will cover what you are trying to do. Also, depending on what types of materials you want used for the ramps you may even be able to get a builder or ramp company to give a discount in place of some advertising space or offer in becoming a dealer of some of their products for parents/kids to be able to purchase from you where you also show them how to set it up and make it safe for their driveway, etc.

            Another thing would be making sure to have like a monthly membership as a gym would to keep the kids coming back. Hold events that would keep the interest peaked and continue to have a steady population at your facilities. If there is no skatepark where you are you could also talk with some people at the town hall and they will be able to give you some insight of the steps to follow in obtaining building permits, insurance, occupancy permits, etc.

            Lastly, maybe not at first but it may be a good idea to work close with a local skate shop if there is one, and if there is not you open one inside and become that shop. Work with the schools on after school programs for the kids that skateboard or want to learn just like a "ski club", but make it a "skate club".

            Hopefully that helped a bit. Keep me posted I love to hear about people doing what they dream of. Hope all is well.


            Rich Casey