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    Supplemental Employee Benefits- Return on Investment!

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      *Heard of Aflac*? Heard about the small business benefits now available for your company? We specialize in group insurance for small to mid-size businesses, sole proprietors and the independent contractors in the every state in the Union and several countries around the Globe! We also assist with facilitating coverage for trade associations and membership groups or you can purchase direct!

      Nothing is more important than your health, your employees health and their family's health! Aflac offers a wide variety of insurance programs issued on directly or through group enrollments with years of proven industry experience and payment of benefits! Specializing in unique group programs, our Aflac Independent Agents/Small Business Division can custom tailor a benefits & insurance package just for you and your employees, at little or no cost to the employer with savings to boot!

      Challenges exist even more so today in attracting and retaining top employees. As a business owner, you know the importance of attracting and retaining the best employees by offering employee benefits that are taylored to your individual employees needs. And they are even willing to pay for the individualized coverage they need! Have you asked them? Do you know what they are looking for? Do you know how inexpensive it really is for your employees? We will work with you to develop a program specifically designed to meet your individual concerns and that of your employees.



      Dental and Vision Insurance
      Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
      Group Health
      Group Life
      Group Vision
      Long-Term Care
      Long-Term Disability
      Short Term Disability

      No group too small or large! let me show you how to purchase the right insurance that is an investment with unbelivable returns for both you, the employer and your employees! Most employees look at where they can get the best options where benefits are concerns, be it a combination of employer contribution and employee! They know what they want, they know what they need! It will only take a few minutes of your time to see if there is a fit that will stand the test of time and money returned to you!

      Contact me today for a free analysis and consultion!

      In about the time it takes you to drink a cup of "normal" coffee, I'll have a scenerio for you that will put everything in perspective! If I can't save you, Mr. Employer, money.....I'll be happy to pay for your coffee!


      Teresa Yocom,
      Independent Agent
      RealCorp & Associates
      Richmond, VA 23238

      804-249-4586 office
      804-922-3712 cell ( I'm always there!)