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    Be your own boss, buy a business in 2009

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      Be your own boss in 2009!


      Do you know the advantages of buying an established business versus starting one from scratch?


      • It is generally easier to obtain financing to purchase an existing business than to get a loan to start one
      • Most sellers will train you so that you avoid costly mistakes incurred by new business owners
      • You get the benefit of looking at a proven financial history rather than guessing and forecasting future profitability
      • You can use your 401 K money to purchase an existing business and pay no taxes and no penalties on the amount (when structured right)


      If you're serious about being a business owner but need some help on how to accomplish your goals, call me today ay 813-343-2214.


      You can buy an existing business with as little as a 20% down payment!


      We work with clients from around the country,


      Greg Dupuis




      Bridge Ventures Business Brokers