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    Just went independent....

    miami535i Newbie

      Good Morning Everyone!

      Just to give a little bit of an introduction, I am a Financial Advisor that just went independent. Thank God, no more corporate drama! Never the less, I am looking to grow my book of business. I was wondering does anybody know a good source of where I can obtain qualified leads? or what are some marketing strategies to promote myself to qualified investors? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Just went independent, Welcome

          Good for you for going independent. I also went independent (on my own) many years ago and have not looked back. One of my better decisions.

          I would be happy to share both good sources and marketing strategies with you once I figure out who you are and where you are going. Would also like to know more about your business.

          SCORE can also help and hopefully you know that SCORE is FREE.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              rappadappa77 Adventurer
              Hello Luckiest,

              I contacted you quite a few times about my business plan if you had reviewed it and haven't received any reply whatsoever.

              Kind Regards
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                miami535i Newbie

                Luckiest, I have not the slightest clue what score is. Never the less, I'm an independent broker. I have my series 7, series 66, Florida Health, Life, and Variable Annuity Licenses. I am registered to solicit business in my home state, Florida. I have some clients that I'm bringing over from my previous firm but I have no prospects or marketing in line to continue to grow my book of business. So far, I'm using the local white pages to solicit potential clients and really have no capital to spend on marketing as of yet. If there's anything else I can answer, please let me know.
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                BrassJmes Adventurer
                For starters I'd suggest building yourself a web presence, lets call it you online calling card. if you're an advisor then what you're really selling out there is yourself. This is why I suggest you Brand Yourself (And I capitalized that for a reason).
                Take some time, a few hours perhaps and dedicate them about getting your name and your face out there
                Create a web page, if you do not have the knowledge on how to do that then hire someone, or use an exisiting service (take LookupPage for instance, professional online profile in minutes)
                Build your presence. Join business networking services like LinkedIn ( and Naymz ( Better web dominance and another way people could get in touch with you

                After that I'd work on my marketing, how you gain and approach new clients.. this would need a further looking into perhaps

                Hope i helped
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                  Yellowcaret Newbie
                  Hi This is Andy from Callbox, we are a Telemarketing Firm based in Encino, CA and we specialize in Lead Generation and Appointment Setting. We're currently working with other brokers and iso's of the same Industry and we've been helping them increase their sales and client base thru our Telemarketing Campaigns. If you're interested into this kind of Marketing Strategy just give me a ring at 310-424-2367 or thru our toll free number: 888-810-7464 at ext 1541. I'm available from 10 AM- 7 PM EST. Thanks and looking forward to talk with you.

                  Andrew Leech
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                  Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions
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                  Optimizing sales performance.
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                    mkting Newbie
                    What is a qualified investor these days? It has been a while since I knew. Is it $1MM in liquid assets? (or is that certified investor?)

                    If you want to meet qualified investors, you need to go where the money is - golf, yacht club. Every shark swims those waters though. Where else can you bump into money?
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                      Wappahso Wayfarer
                      way to go girl, I have said good bye to the corporate world yet as I am trying to build my client base first to be able to survive on my own especially witht the way the economy is... It's great to be independent though... I am an insurance broker... Good luck