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    Helping the Small Business Community in 2009

    Siondo Wayfarer

      We are all aware of the challenges that will face small businesses in 2009 with the current global financial climate. At Siondo we are putting together a package that will allow small businesses to use our web based business software and reduce some of the financial burden. ( I will keep you posted on the details).

      However I would be interested in talking to and working with other companies that are interested in offering a group package or service listing that can help small businesses by reducing costs and improving efficiency but also to help promote their own businesses to a wider audience. I have a few ideas however I would be interested in hearing your thoughts. Also if you are a small business what do you think can be offered that will help your business?

      Many Thanks
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Helping the Small Business Community in 2009

          Welcome Jason from London. Like you I also believe in helping the Small Business Community.

          I am a Quickbooks consultant and YES I offer FREE Quickbooks to help small business owners to succeed in their businesses by spending more time doing what they know best. (I E RUNNING THEIR BUSINESS) and leaving the bookkeeping and accounting to me.

          Would love to hear from you. My email is " "

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            care2excel Wayfarer

            Hi, Siondo:

            Our company is engaged in taking care of the elderly and sick individuals within Southern CA. Sources of our clientele come from hospitals and other healtcare facilities including primary physicians.
            We need to get better exposure and we hope you could help us. My friend, in his free time, tries to help us construct a website: Although, it has already been published,
            I believe it still needs more finishing touches and we need someone to help us to finish it and be able to link it with others.

            We are also engaged in a public charity, an IRS 501(c)3 certified, helping medically challenged individuals who do not have medical insurance or underinsured.
            It is a family based venture and we are also trying to seek more donors to help us with our projects. Volunteers would also be most welcome because most of the time, it is only my husband or
            myself who could attend to the personal care assistance that any recipient may need. For medical supplies and equipment, we call suppliers/providers for used items but there are times when
            we have to pay for them.

            Therefore, the more clients we could get for our caregiving agency, the more we could help our needy brothers and sisters.

            We are willing to pay, though, a very minimal fee to anyone who could help us achieve our goals in both interests we mentioned above.

            Thank you so very much.