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    How Can I turn $100k into Multi-Billions? Investors anyone?

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      By Kendrick Jones
      Cell: (323) 632-3266


      Among many other creative ideas, I have potentially created an idea for a dynamic
      multi-billion dollar business networking website and solution targeted at
      businesses of all sizes across the globe. Indisputably, all businesses need
      more business all the time; so therefore, they need to be more aggressive and
      energetic about networking and marketing - online and offline, which is the
      essence of my website idea.

      This idea came to light around September 2008 when the economy started to
      negatively affect the company for which I was working. In turn, at this
      particular period of time, I was internally propelled to create a list of
      creative ideas that I felt would generate millions and possibly billions of
      dollars. From the beginning, the foundation I intentionally kept in mind
      was to think of an idea that had a universal application, couldn't be easily
      denied, and would constantly be in high demand.


      My vision is to start a multi-billion dollar website that provides a highly
      professional, efficient, and affordable advertising, marketing, and referral
      service to companies nationally and internationally - online and offline.
      Through this website, businesses will be able to compete for possibly billions
      of dollars in revenue shares and/or advertising, promotion, and marketing for
      their company. No matter what kind of advertising, promotion, or
      marketing: TV ads, infomercials, newspaper ads, magazine ads, online ads, flyer
      distribution, banner ads, business cards, brochures, fundraisers, banquets,
      skyscraper ads, etc. Anything that can be thought up, it will be done.

      Another aspect of my vision is to buy out many other businesses as well as
      invest a large percentage of the website's profits into various industries in
      order to accumulate massive assets.


      A major problem that hinders some businesses is that they do not truly know how
      to fully maximize their marketing, networking, and referral skills in order to
      achieve the best results. This is because they are either afraid to
      network, don't understand their target market and what motivates them to
      purchase, run out of patience or do not understand the overall concept of
      networking and/or marketing - online and offline.

      In an attempt to fulfill this need, I have created a business networking
      website solution that will vigorously energize businesses to be interactive and
      motivated to refer companies to and within the website on a daily basis with
      the high hope of possibly receiving up to billions of dollars in revenue shares
      of the website and/or online and offline advertising. Equally, this is
      how all businesses will benefit - by allowing them to become subscribed users
      in an ever-expanding online network database where businesses will be very
      willing to continuously search for, contact, network with, and refer businesses
      outside and within the website.

      The projected outcome is that, for a very affordable and competitive rate, my
      website will give all businesses full access to a network of businesses and an
      opportunity to promote the website to outside businesses. By doing so,
      they will have been given the opportunity to compete for possibly up to
      billions of dollars in revenue shares as well as compete to have their fully
      custom-designed marketing plan implemented. The sky is the limit with
      their marketing plan.


      I will be the CEO and manager of all aspects of this website business until it
      is financially capable of hiring professional executives and managers for
      further expansion. In the beginning, I will draw upon my working
      experience as well as my knowledge and education as a business administration
      major in order to establish a solid foundation.

      The market for this website service includes all companies because all
      companies can benefit from affordable marketing and referral services - online
      and offline.


      My competition will be other websites such as:

      5., and
      The first website on the list,, seems to be an
      emerging competitor that provides a very similar service. On the other
      hand, my website's competitive advantages are:

      1. Simplicity,
      2. Efficiency,
      3. Affordability, and
      4. One-month \\ nationwide/worldwide implementation of a company's marketing plan - \\ online/offline.
      5. There are other competitive \\ advantages that haven't been listed.



      \\Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5

      +*This chart
      represents very conservative yet hypothetical projections based on tens of
      thousands up to billions of businesses across the world becoming subscribed
      users within the first five years.+



      I am seeking a minimum of $100,000, which will enable me to fully launch the



      My intentions are to raise money from one or more individuals who are
      interested in receiving a high return on their money. The individual
      doesn't have to be the traditional angel investor or venture capitalist with
      millions of dollars; it can just be someone who has $2,350. In this case,
      I will continue to raise money until I've accumulated a total of $100,000, but
      if one individual would like to invest the complete $100,000, then that is okay


      The prospective return on an investor's money will be at a minimum of 25
      times their money beginning the 5th year after they submit their
      investment. For example, if an investor invests $100,000, then their
      prospective return will be $2,500,000 starting five years from the date
      they invest their money. I may or may not raise a second round of
      financing, but if it becomes necessary, then the amount will be determined at
      some point after the website is launched. The amount will most likely be
      used for website additions, ongoing website services and website expansion;
      online/offline marketing and promotions; attorney fees; unexpected expenses;
      and to launch a second website or business venture.


      If necessary, an exit strategy will be implemented when it is has been
      realistically and meticulously forecasted that there are no other viable
      options to bring about future success. The exit strategy will consist of
      one or more of the following: an IPO will be initiated, a merger with another
      profitable company will be conducted, a fraction of the ownership will be sold
      or the complete website will be sold. The finally decision will hold the
      investor's/shareholder's interest as top priority.