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    Starting Financial Software Network Company

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      My background - I have been working in financial software development more than 10 years and I am an active participant in community from many years, I have built high speed FIX Engines (Financial information exhange protocol) ,broker simulator and other financial tools for Equities and Fixed income securities which are used by major Invetment Managers/Banks & Broker/Dealers.

      I have posted some of my tools to various financial software communities to use it for free and I got huge responses and at least dozen instittutions tried my tools and gave positive feedback and asked me to do customization and add additional features, couple of them even asked for the source code.

      Well, two things inspired me to think about starting my own business, one from the clients feedback and second from this community which I believe will take me to next levels.

      I would like to start a company where I am planning to host my products for institutions to connect as a ASP (application service provider) model instead of installable software.

      I read most of the business plan related threads in this community and started logging all my research about products services, competition, initial startup costs (hosting services, etc), marketing, etc.And I took an appointment with SCORE which I believe can guide me through setup a LLC or INC and business plan.

      So far I am very positive, but I would like to hear from the community, if anyone has similar business who can share their experiance or thoughts about better business plan and also I would like to hear from experianced entrepreneurs about other hurdles and next steps.

      I appreciate your comments.