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    Small business approaching large companies

    JPhoto Newbie
      I work for a small photography business, and we find ourselves traveling year round to regattas, as the top photographers in our field. Our problem is that we carry a lot of gear and run into problems with luggage restrictions on airlines. It has been recommended to me that we should try and set up a contract with an airline to fly exclusively with them to all of our regattas. My problem is that in my research a lot of these airlines have business programs setup, but require much more travel, and money spent to enroll in the program (i.e. 10 employees spend an average of at least $50k per year total on air travel). Does anyone have advice on how best to approach a large corproation such as airtran, or united and approach the subject of setting up a contract for a small business?
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          SME_ally Adventurer
          Hi JPhoto,

          Sorry I don't have any ideas. But your question sparked a business idea I have. Could you help me out by answering the following?

          1) Can you tell me how many professional photographers are in the US?
          2) How many times a year do they fly?
          3) How many cameras and lenses do they pack with them on each trip?

          Thanks. Good luck with the airlines.
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              JPhoto Newbie
              Well to answer those questions. Unfortunately it is hard to answer. The number of professional photographers in the US is actually much larger than would be imagined (Photographers held about 122,000 jobs in 200) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. To answer the other two questions. Its hard to say how many times a year they travel. It depends on the field of expertise, and many work more locally and if they do travel oftentimes the goal is to get travel expenses covered by the client one is photographing for. It is also difficutly to definitively say how much gear is brought. It could be anything from what an amateur walks around with up to full lighting kits.

              Im sorry to say that I cannot be much help in answering these questions, but I hope the information is useful to you in some way. The problem with the field is that it is very fluid and varies from niche to niche, and photographer to photographer.