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    Need Funding for Internet Business

    dparker001 Newbie

      I have a concept for an internet-based business, but I need those interested to review the idea and help obtain funding for the idea. I have been in Mechanical Design Engineering for 20 years, and I have realized a need for this particular business idea.

      If interested, then signing of a non-disclosure agreement will be necessary. Please send me an email at

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          IAmSpartacus Adventurer
          Hi Don,

          I have some words of advice for you. First, no legitiamate investor will sign a non-disclosure agreement. They get pitched dozens to hundreds of ideas every week and they cannot be put in a position of having to keep them all secret.

          Second, I would highly recommend that you pick up a copy of Guy Kawasaki's new book Reality Check. It's an easy read and will teach you valuable lessons about how to approach investors. One of his mantras is, "Ideas are easy, implementation is hard." You'll likely find it difficult to get an internet business idea funded by yourself.

          Best of Luck,
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            northstar10 Newbie
            What you will need to do first is develop a mini business plan and executive summary which will outline your business, how you will market it and how and when you will make money. You need to show investors when and they will get their return and what their exit strategy is. Are you looking for equity capital where an investor would invest in exchange for an equity position in your company? .

            I am a freelance marketing professional and I just finished a similar project. The client is a start-up skin care company. They provided me with their initial draft of a business plan and I re-worked it and recommended a different marketing strategy and then wrote an Executive Summary and Investor Presentation for them to pitch to investors.

            I can possible help.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Need Funding for Internet Business, Welcome Don

              Go to Members page and share some info.