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    Looking for restaurant start up funds

    thebusyone Newbie

      I have just found this site and joined! I am trying to find a way to fund the rest of the money needed for a start up restaurant, but as many of you probably already know, the banks are not touching anything like this at this time. Does anyone have any ideas? I am currently looking for $350,000.00 and would be willing to look at different avenues of financing (banks, private investors, partners, etc.). I do have a business plan, credit is good, and there is plenty of opportunity for gain. I am in a former restaurant that is over 15,000 sq ft and has a full restaurant, 2 seperate bars, and banquet facilities. We are on a lease right now, but the owner is willing to sell AND hold the mortgage and the funds needed would cover the cost of the down payment and opening expenses. We have just remodeled the entire building and could be opened in the spring. I have over 20 years of experience, and have a team already put together. Please let me know if there is anyone out there that can help!