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    Hi All !

    orbitbusiness Newbie
      Please review my site
      My website content is related with finance and loan
      1. Please review wheather website convey proper message to its users
      2. Is it user friendly as well as search engine friendly ?
      3. Inspite of top ranking on some keywords my website has not enough visitors
      4. Is website navigations are clear or easy to understand ?

      I shall be very thankful to you.

      Thanks & cheers,

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          BrassJmes Adventurer
          I'll post my reply again, for the sake of better info:
          And btw, you should post your website in your post, and not just in your profile
          It is:
          As for my post:

          After reviewing your website I have a few suggestions:
          A - In the front page, your background color and the text background
          color don't match, it makes the site appear less professional
          B - You should user better headings in your pages
          C - Your purchase link (Get Started Now) is quite long, why do you need it so big?
          D - You should add an About Us and Contact Us page - people like to see
          who they're dealing with, and would like different options of
          contacting you prior to purchase
          E - The front page is quite long, in fact most of your pages are... try summarizing your info.

          Wish you luck


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            snoreta Newbie
            Myself snoreta! I just want to say hello to all here in this forum. I got lots of informationabout the finance and loans.


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              koz4change Adventurer
              The website needs a little work, I agree with the comments from Brassjames. Try to make it look more professional. People don't use sites, especially for financial reasons, if it doesn't look legitimate. A few minor changes: contact page, shorten up the home page, etc., then you should be fine. Also, if you are unhappy with your current web host I would recommend , they have hosting at $3.99 and great online marketing options to help with traffic and SEO. I think it would be a good hosting option for your business.

              Good luck,