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    Site review

    johnpaint1 Wayfarer
      Hi guy's can I get a review from you all? You can be honest also.Thanks so much John
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          BrassJmes Adventurer
          Hi john
          For one thing, for a painting service, your website lacks alot of color :-)
          Lemme start with my suggestions:
          - You still have a few bugs in your system, I'd fix them soon (for isntance, click on the Links and take a look at your navigational bar. some buttons are missing. another bug is on the contact page, your email isn't listed, only under Email Us)
          - Your home page has too much text. Don't consfuse your costumers, let them know what you want them to know in a brief explenation. I'd add another picture or two to drive the point home.
          - On the same point as the last1, your navigational bar is too big. If I were you i'd move it as a left panel, and head the pages with a smaller navigational bar of about 5 pages. Something along the lines of HOME | PRODUCTS | SERVICES | CONTACT US | ABOUT
          - I'd make the site more SEO friendly. Start by adding a site map for search engine crawlers
          - I'd create personal icons. Take a look at your "click here to contact us...." on your home page, I missed it on the first visit. It doesn't stand out, and its fairly regular
          - I'd add a picture of you and your staff (if you have a staff) in the about page. People prefer to know who they're dealing with, and a picture helps build credibility.

          Hope I helped, and the best of luck


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            solidcactus Wayfarer
            Hi John,

            I have to be honest, you say...

            We are expert artisan painters and craftsmen that can bring out the image and impression you are looking for".

            <!-- --><!-- -->Then you website has to look like you are an expert at what you do. People look at your website and immediately "judge" you and the quality of your work based on your website. Do you pay attention to detail? Your website says, "no". If you do quality work, then PLEASE hire someone to build you a website. It doesn't have to be my company, but it needs to be someone who can give you a website that makes you look like you do good work. Here are some examples of sites we made...


            <!-- --><!-- -->


            These are very basic. The site needs some color, and it also needs to be consistency. You have different fonts on your homepage. You should be able to get someone to do this site up really nice for you for around $500.

            There used to be this television commercial that used to say "you don't get a second chance to make a first impression". I think it was Head and Shoulders. It is very true!!!

            Joe P
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              Okay Okay aside from those already mentioned, I want to point out that your site doesn't look like a professional site at all. It looks like someone who is trying to learn HTML on a notepad on his first week did this.

              Secondly, the fonts are all confusing. Too many sizes and types of fonts. Limit to 2 or 3 at the most.

              Third, the page is confusing too, customers will get confuse which part to read first. It's like all the information are in the same page.

              Look at this painting services websites and maybe you can get some ideas.

     -> I think this one look proffesional and personal at the same time.

              Maybe you can hire someone to do it for you if its way beyond your skills then maybe you can ask him/her to teach you to update it so you won't pay the next time you need to ad some details to your site.

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                stevepat Adventurer

                My one line suggestion is content for your website is "Organize is content properly in all page" Now content is all over the website. :)
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                  SEOpro Adventurer
                  Here's a list of things you can do for your website that will make it more findable by search engines, and will make it appear higher up on search results.
                  1. limit the number of meta keywords to about 7. You currently have a few dozen. (Google "dilutes" their weight if you have lots).
                  2. shorten your met description to shorter than 100 characters. Beyond about that much is ignored.
                  3. make sure each page has both a meta desacription and meta keywords. Some of your pages are missing them.
                  4. Add an RSS feed to each page (to appow users to bookmark it for their favorite reader). You can see how that works on any page of my website,
                  5. You could add a conversion form to allow visitors to enter all their contact details and painting needs, etc, that you can collect over time.
                  6. If you can do it easily, add a blog ot your website that you personally add to but that also allows visitors to comment on. Over time this helps a lot.
                  Those six are just a few of the things you can do that I noticed specific to your website. If you want to dig in deeper, my book Web Traffic Magnet can be found on at:
                  Best wishes.
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