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    Frustrated Starting a Buisness Plan.

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      I've trying to write a buisness plan for the past three years and get discouraged and distracted in the process and want to give up. I feel like I get overwhelemed with the detailed work that it takes to write a professional buisness plan.
      I''ve been a massage therapist for 13 years going on 14 in april. I do not have any capitol to start with and do not know what is the best way or use of the a buisness plan to start with. My friend has let me use a software but I have not stuck with it.
      Massage therapy is my passion but the marketing and starting the buisness side is very hard for me and can get frustrating for me and want to move beyond that in this year of 2009.

      I just want to start with a very small space and expand from there. I do not if anyone feels this way starting out but great sincere honest advise would truly help me out.
      I currently work in a spa as well as have my own Clientele.
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          One of the hardest things that new entrepreneurs often have to deal with is finding that spark going that carries them through doing the mundane, tedious and for some, boring task of taking action to really go after their dream of starting or buying a business. And like with starting a fire ... you have to fan the spark to get it to ignited into something more substantial.


          I'm a big advocate of all entrepreneurs sitting down and going through the planning process. But for many small businesses that entrepreneurs dream of starting, a complex business plan may not be required since very often the only way they can get funded is through the entrepreneurs personal credit or capital. So creating a complex business plan for a simple and small business may be overkill. But the planning process serves a purpose. If you can get it down on paper, chances are you are more serious about getting your business really started than you are about merely dreaming about it. That is why I recommend to my clients and customers that they go through that process, even if it is only to make sure that they are really committed to being in business for themselves.

          Being in business for yourself takes discipline and focus. It starts with having the discipline to take your business seriously enough to do the work necessary to at least prove on paper that your idea is a viable business. You'll find several articles on this site and on my website (see my profile) that will help you with your business plan; you may want to spend some time reading those articles.


          The easiest and least expensive businesses to start are Service Businesses. What you are talking about would be a service business. I do not know the "ins" and "outs" of whats involved for a Massage Therapy business but perhaps the following will still be of help to you:


          Starting a business even in a strong economy requires determination and proper planning. In an uncertain economy or recession, those two things are even more important.

          1. First things first, do you know that there is a market for your service?
          2. Next question; are your skills good enough where you can do the work well?


          If there is a market and you are good at what you do then I would say give it a shot solo (try to line up customers that you can service at their home if possible since renting commercial space is costly and may be beyond your reach initially). Keep all your costs to a minimum, and get out there and plug away; here is how I suggest doing that:


          Work with what you have. In other words, use the "tools" you have at hand Stick to jobs that you can do well working with the equipment you have now.


          Don't go out and spend any money that you don't have to. Later on once you have some jobs done, you can ask for referrals and testimonials from clients you've done a good job for and when have some cash built up; then you can consider upgrading or adding equipment.


          Do spend money on simple business cards. Inexpensive business cards can be ordered for less than $30. I recommend keeping them simple and to the point. Don't dress them up with a bunch of graphics or illustrations. Keep it business like and, again, to the point. Use them. Hand them out everywhere you can think of.


          Do set up a website. That no longer is an expensive proposition.

          Do not spend money on advertising. Market your self directly by contacting consumers, business owners, churches, any other organization that comes to mind that has members with a routine need for the services or products you plan to provide. If they don't need your services always ask for referrals for anyone that may need your services.


          Contact larger firms or businesses that offer the services you plan to provide and see if you can help them with any over-flow etc.


          If you are unsure about market demand or your ability to market yourself; then contact larger businesses that provide services similar to yours and see if they hire freelancers ... or part-timers on a flexible schedule.


          The bottom line ... you can find a low or no-cost way to star your business even if it is a sideline while you continue to work at the spa that employs you now.


          You just need to want it bad enough to do it. And with all the uncertainty in many industries and with many companies ... shouldn't you at least check into starting a business of your very own?


          Done right, starting your own business is probably the best job you'll find and financial security you can achieve!


          I hope the above helps you in some way. Feel free to email me if you have questions or if you would like me to send you the business planning articles that I mentioned above.

          Best wishes with your business venture.

          Dennis Lowery
          Adducent, Inc.
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            I can help you to plan and get started! I work with Quick books and Business Plan Pro Software. E-mail me if your interested.