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    Increasing conversion rate through clicks

    gfoods Newbie
      We are a women owned business selling gourmet salsa. Our product is called "zalsa"- Sala with zing. We have a website We have been paying $ 80/month(google and Yahoo) for marrketing- we used adsense and yahoo tools. We are not getting much conversion. Ee have spent almost $ 1000 with no results in the last 6 months on internet advt. The product is very good- we have tested with customers, at stores etc.

      Check our website out and let us know how we can increase the conversion rate per click.

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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          On your website, my suggestions would be to: (a) show a list of ingredients (or better yet, the FDA label with all the nutritional information), (b) clearly state what size the jar is on the order/product page (not just the home page), and (c) provide some shipping cost estimates or information before entering the PayPal check-out process. The absence of any one of those can be a potential "order stopper."

          What is your repeat business rate on the web? If you have a high percentage of customers who (once they try it) keep buying it, then I'd consider a money back guarantee -- where if ane customer buys it and doesn't like it, they can send it back and you'll give a full refund, no questions. With a no risk offer like that, you'll either increase first time sales, or you'll learn that you're paying to get a lot of the "wrong" click-thrus (i.e., people who really weren't potential buyers).

          Hope that helps. Good luck.