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    Funds needed to expand fast growing business.

    SCCAlive Newbie
      I own and operate a large successful specialty coatings business in Colorado. I am looking for $200K to expand geographically and in my services offered. I specialize in ECO friendly powder coatings, ceramic coatings, high-temp coatings, firearm coatings, media blasting, vibratory polishing and much more. I am currently a Rhino Linings Dealer offering truck bed liners and also a Mobile Rhino Linings Industrial Applications Dealer. Rhino is backed by an exceptional corporate office and a lifetime warranty. I have tapped in to several markets from hobbyists to industrial, dirt to marine, onroad to off-road. Weather it is to restore and make it shiny, give it more horse power, or to line oil field pipes and sites, we can do it. Whatever it is we have a coating for it. The applications and the markets to tap are endless! I am open to discuss all ideas regarding terms and interest. I would like to contract a short term note with collateral. I have already started pursuing an avenue of priceless oppertunity. I must move quickly. Please let me know if you are interested. I would love to tell more about what my staff and I do in our 8000sq.ft. shop. We have no limits!
      Thanks for your time.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Funds needed to expand fast growing business, Welcome Hazen

          One of the first items an investor or lender wants to see is a Business and Marketing Plan. Have you developed
          this Bus Plan?? How long do you need the funds for?? And How and when will you pay them back??
          You have been in business since 2003 so there is history.

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              SCCAlive Newbie
              Thanks you for your reply. I do indeed have a business plan. This is just the next phase to a business expansion I did through out the SBA funded Feb 2008. The 504 will be closed this Feb 09. I have already done the market analysis and demand for goods and services in this new geographical area. I honestly thought this phase was included in the last expansion with the SBA. Through the ups and downs of SBA red tape and Rhino Linings "territories" it was not part of the package. The good thing is that I have already done the pre marketing to see just how much this new area needed specialty coatings. We are currently doing all kinds of coatings in this new area except Rhino Linings. In this new area there are several auto dealers, excavation companies and government entities that are waiting for Rhino Linings. We coat more than bed liners. In our current area we have Rhino Lined Police SWAT vehicles, police cars, street sweepers, concrete shoots and this next spring the water slide at the community pool. Rhino Linings assigns in territories and we want to buy this territory and the equipment to operate it. We have many people waiting for us to get up and running in the new territory, many of which I just mentioned above. I am looking at a I am willing to make a monthly interest payments in the ball park of $2500.00. When our building and property were appraised for the SBA loan in 2008 the appraiser claimed value at just what we needed for funding as the appraisal went off of blueprints and an equipment list.This was at the discretions of our bank president. We actually have 350K equity currently as it sits up and operating. I cant touch anything for a short while as the SBA is moving in for the close. This equity and one other relistate investment are where I plan to find repayment. Collateral for the loan will be the new dealership itself and the equipment in it. To resale it as is will not cover the note. The potential anual cash flow of the dealership is 350k to 450k based on our current volume at Streamline, where our current Rhino dealership is.
              I have 2 other business partners both active members/managers at Streamline. We have history of hugely increased sales volume over the last 6 years and the reports to show it. We have a reputation in our region for outstanding workmanship, honesty and dependability. People travel from all over to come to Streamline for their coating needs. We currently have 3 banks that endorse our services and reputation, none of which are handing out commercial loans at this time unfortunately. :( The bank president of the bank involved in the 900k SBA loan will personally endorse our business, it's ethics, and the authenticity of our determination and our word.
              Luckiest, I have honestly had this deal to borrow 200k sold 6 times to local investors who know us and work with us. Everyone has their $ tied up in real estate or in the market. This is why I have joined this forum. I am so glad I did and please give me any incite on how to sell this deal to someone who doesn't know who I am or how I run my ship.
              All advice and criticism welcome.
              Many thanks!
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              mattknoe Newbie

              Unfortunately, we're hearing a lot about lack of financing right now. As you're looking at alternative financing sources, I'd encourage you to visit to see how we might be able to help you fund your growth. The Receivables Exchange provides business with access to working capital at competitive rates via a real-time auction that allows businesses to sell their receivables or invoices to a global network of buyers who competitively bid on the invoices.
              Best wishes,
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                abc123. Newbie
                If you have equipment and are interested in selling them to a leasing company and then leasing it back, you can increase your cashflow. If you are interested in discussing this idea you can contact me directly at 310-930-8080 or
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                  netnextday Newbie
                  Do you have receivables that you could pledge as collateral? I work for a company that helps business by growing by lending upon their existing receivables. We are similar to a factoring company but we tweaked several of the items that people have as complaints about factoring company and have come up with a hybrid between factoring and a line of credit. If you are interested in having a brief conversation....please e-mail your contact information to

                  Nicole Howard
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                    bigpayout Newbie
                    Hi HW,
                    My name is Raymont Jones in Charlotte NC and wondering have you found any funds to expand your business? I maybe able to help, if you are still in need of funds. Contact me if you are still interested.

                    Raymont Jones
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                      bizlender1 Newbie

                      It sounds like you have a great potential with your business. We are in the factoring business. A $200,000 line for your company would be a simple matter. Please feel free to drop me an email at and I'll be happy to respond with all the information you would need as well as great conversation with alternatives for your present situation. Good luck with your business. Sincerely, Scott
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                        bmt2008 Adventurer
                        Lots of sources that may be right or wrong for your growing business. Business Cash Advances or A/R Factoring - could be OK for you or may not be. I think your best bet, especially for the funds you are seeking - is to look for a local partner - one with both the money and expereince you are looking for. Your local banks are saying no - so will most lenders across the nation.

                        If you take credit cards as a form of payment - you may get a business cash advance to help you out. But, your most likely choice in this market is finding a local partner. Go to and attend local social networking events - there are many in your area - might even find some thorugh your local chamber. Attend these events and just talk to people. You never know who you will run into.

                        Just some thoughts

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