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    Bubble Tea start up in San Antonio, TX..good idea?

    00yellow00 Newbie
      Hello all..

      I have been reading similar posts and I still wanted to get any thoughts on my idea for a bubble tea business.

      I currently live in san antonio, Tx where there is currently no type of china town but resturants and small shops here and there. There is only 3 places that serve bubble tea, one being across town in a restaurant and the other 2 are run down looking places that serve other things like tacos (i am in san antonio).

      There is a one year old mall that was built called La Cantera mall that is upscale with all the top stores including neiman marcus, urban outfitters and so on..

      they are building a 2 story barnes and nobles this year and this mall is an open air mall so it is outside.

      My idea is to have a kiosk and serve these drinks there and since it is mostly warm or hot most of the year I was thinking this would be a good idea. The mall is also loacated right next six flags texas, across the street from the University of Texas(san antonio). I do not need any money or a loan because I have the cash for strat up but I wanted to get an idea if this would be profitable.

      rent : 2500
      payroll: 2000 per month (if I need to hire someone parttime)
      supplies : 3000 per month

      cost per cup: .80
      sales: average per cup 3.49

      I would need to sell 2150 cups per month just to break even

      I am estimating based on foot traffic to sell 500 between M-F and 275 on weekends so total for the month: 3100

      this is just to start and I would also sell some chinese type candies.

      Just want to get some thoughts or recommendations... thank you

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Bubble Tea start up in San Antonio,

          Welcome, Have you developed a Business and marketing Plan??

          Good luck
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              00yellow00 Newbie
              My plan is half way done.

              What I am worried about is all my traffic will depend on foot traffic within the mall and ofcourse being an open air mall, weather is a factor and rent is expensive.

              I am thinking since rent is high being in the mall can still be profitable because of the traffic that comes through there but I could be wrong.
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  I think part of the success is going to be in converting and retaining the college crowd. They are going to be around the most. You can rely on traffic to come to you or have as part of your business plan a marketing strategy that focuses on building traffic to your kiosk. Don't take the mall traffic for granted, do some research and observe trends both on the weekend and during the week to determine if there is enough existing traffic to warrant the risk.

                  I love the idea of bubble tea. I think the shop concept works better in some locations because people want the experience as much as the drink. College students and tourist would love to sit in a cool shop and explore another culture.

                  I hope this helps. Good luck.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger
                I don't have stats for that mall, but I do have a current retail consulting traffic study for a similar type of mall in your region (sorry I can't cite the specifics for confidentiality reasons). In that mall on a weekend, an average 500 people walk past a prime location kiosk every hour (and you should be getting a primo mall location for $2,500/month). When asked, only about 20 percent (100 people) even noticed the kiosk or could recall that it was there. Only 13 percent of those people (13 people) stopped to look at what the kiosk was selling, and only about one-fourth of them bought anything (3 people). On a busy weekend, with the mall open a total of 18 hours, the kiosk made 59 sales. You're projecting nearly triple that. I'm not saying it isn't possible, but what is your strategy for making that happen? How will you get more people to actually buy from you than typically even stop and look at a well-located kiosk in a similar type of mall? That's a question you'll want to answer before you move forward, I think. Good luck.
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                  UPDanielle Newbie
                  I was in San Antonio at La Cantera this past July and noticed a bubble drink stand there (in fact, i bought a few drinks from it). Is that yours?

                  My name is Danielle and I am a student at the University of Portland studying entrepreneurship and business models. I personally love the idea of bubble drinks, and was just curious since running across this how your company is doing now.

                  Take care,