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    The most powerful marketing tool ever...

    Iwrite Pioneer
      Your people or employees or staff or whatever you call them. Followed by your customers. Win these two groups over and your business will be steady and strong. Overlooked or disregard either one of them, and things might get rough for your business.

      Every since I have joined this forum, I have noticed the lack of attention given to employee and customer related issues. There are been a few questions and issues here or there but by and large we tend to focus on everything but our employees and our customers.

      1. Have you ever considered that your business is struggling because the customer experience when they interact with your company or business is bad?

      2. Have you stopped to think that no matter how great your product is your employee at the counter or on the phone or at the other end of an email or who comes to the door is so unpleasant to deal with that they are running business away?

      3. What training are you doing?

      4. Have you look at your procedures and policies to see how they are received by customers?

      5. How inviting and engaging is your website or brick and mortar store to customers?

      6. What is the buying experience like for your customers?

      7. What is it like to work for you(To be honest, I've read the posts - some of you I would never think to want to work for or with)?

      8. Would you do business with company like yours and how loyal would you be to it?

      With all the issues that we do not have control over, the two areas where we can most impact on our business we tend to take for granted - how we treat our customers and what type of working environment we provide employees. If we can convert employees and customers into true believers into our businesses think about how well our companies will do. Nothing beats loyal customers and employees, they are your best marketing tools.