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    Payment problems

    Sylhides Newbie
      We are a successful business, both on and off line. However, we are having a problem with a few clients, primarily several law firms. They seem to take forever to pay. I hate to take them to Small Claims.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Payment problems, Welcome

          Collecting Accounts Receivable (especially from law firms) can be a problem.

          I DO have great suggestions that I would be willing to share with you if I knew who and where you are.

          Go to Members page and share some info (and maybe a phone number or email)

          Looking forward to talking to you, LUCKIEST
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            Bridge Navigator
            Call them up and ask them why they have not paid; do they question the goods/services provided, are they having money problems, or have they "forgot" the bill is due. I am sure they like to get paid promptyly - you expect the same.

            Follow-up with a letter again, ask if their business is suffering and if they are having money problems you would be happy to work out a payment program for them - normally their pride will step in and they will pay rather than being perceived as having problems.

            Usually a polite reminder will help. Try talking directly with a partner at the firm who may or may not know exactly what their accounting dept. is doing (and the reputation they are creating).
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              wtgg123 Newbie
              I have a similar issue with a couple customers, although not law offices.
              on one level these are good customers, with steady orders, and at the end of the day they do pay just late.
              how I handle these customers now is really a pain for me but is somewhat successful.
              1st I email their finance dept every monday with the outstanding invoices and the delivery dates, this keeps it in front of them without hasseling them. I also have set limits on how much I supply them kind of like a credit card, I also have eliminated their discounts (for being large customers that used to pay on time). they still send Purchase orders that I tell them I can not work on until they pay past due invoices. if it is an urgent order for them they pay, if not they wait a week or so.
              I really should fire these customers but they also send others to me, so I really don't wont ot burn the bridge just char it a bit .