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    what are the average fees a c.p.a charges?

    funpc9 Newbie
      I have a small buisness in ocoee,fl with 3 employess 4 days a week(including my self) and 1 employee 2 days a week.(which is most of the time 1099-employee so she will give me the tax form for that and few other 1099 employee if needed.)
      My c.p.a charges me 3000$ per year for
      1. payroll and payroll taxes,unemployment taxes, new hire report etc
      2. peronal and buisness income tax.(b.t.w my spouse is a w-2 empolyee)
      3.manage 3 credit card in which i write down by line item what is that expence for.
      Is that average?
      pl help.




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          Iwrite Pioneer
          It is hard to help because every city or market is going to have a different range. What I pay in Dallas may not be comparable and then you have to consider the services you are having done.

          The best way to determine this would be to request bids from other local accountants and compare them with your current accountant. I would also suggest talking with your local SCORE and/or SBA office - they should be able to help you determine the answer for you.

          It seems you have your doubts about your account and what he or she is providing you. This alone should give you pause to reconsider your relationship because you have a trust issue. I cannot imagine working with an accountant that I did not trust. This is not an indictment of your accountant, I am merely pointing out that for some reason you do not trust this person, and that is a problem. Are your concerns founded? I don't know. That is why you should check around locally.

          Good luck.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            What are the average fees a c.p.a charges?? Welcome

            That is a great question and I would be happy to talk to you (by phone or email) about what the average fees a c.p.a charges. (my email address is " ")

            It would help to know who you are?? Go to Members page and share some info. How long you have been in business?? and also how long you have retained this cpa.

            Talk to me, LUCKIEST
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              Bridge Navigator
              Is your accountant also producing financial statements for you? Such as quarterly balance sheets and income statements?

              Do he give you advice for additional deductions? Has he helped on how to account for your car expenses, etc. Has he reviewed your 1099 contractors to make sure they pas IRS regs. versus needing to be classified as employees?

              All of this should be considered when reviewing his/her fees.

              Ask you account for a break-out of his fees by services (payroll, business taxes, personal taxes, etc.) It could be he is charging very reasonable business fees but does not like doing personal tax services so he charges more. It might be cheaper for you to use an outside payroll service for payroll. Once you have an itemized bill, you be better able to make decisions and shop around.

              Best of luck,