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    Id like to start a landscaping business

    matt10486 Wayfarer

      Can anyone point me in the right direction? Do i start from scratch or buy an established business? Any information would greatly be appreciated!

      Thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Id like to start a landscaping business, Welcome

          To point you in the right direction I would need more info.

          Why a landscaping business?? What is your background?? Are you working NOW??
          Do you have the Funds?? Have you developed a Business and marketing Plan??

          Do you know about SCORE?? and MORE

          Talk to me, Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              matt10486 Wayfarer
              I have answered most of your questions in the response i left below. Like i said i have been doing landscaping since i was 13. I have been caretaker for a cemetery for the past 5 years now, i am in charge of 10 acres. I have to cut,trim, and maintain. Yes i am working now but not with a landscaping company. No i have no developed a business and marketing plan as of right now, How would you reccomend i do that? No i do not know what you mean by SCORE. Sorry
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              Bridge Navigator
              start or depends. Give us some more information:

              1) Do you plan to focus on residential or commercial?
              2) How much money do you have to start?
              3) How much income do you want/need to generate your first year?
              4) What type of services do you plan to provide?

              Landscape businesses are for sale at reasonable prices all the time. Right now many are suffering due to the economy - many commercial clients either folded or reduced landscaping and more homeowners are pushing the mower themselves.
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                  matt10486 Wayfarer
                  I have been doing landscaping since i was 13 years old. i have been working with different landscapers over the years now, the most recent was with a friend of mine who bought an established landscaping business from and older man. For years i have wanted my own business and i feel with my knowledge starting a landscaping business would be the best bet for me. My dad wants to retire from his current job and help me out. I am looking to spend no more then 50 thousand, but if its a better deal then maybe willing to spend a little more. I would like to offer all aspects to my customers, anyone can just cut grass. The more i offer the more potential money there is to be mad and the more my name and business can grow. Services would be, weekly cuttings,spring/fall/storm cleanups,mulching,aerating and seeding, detaching,planting of annual flowers,fertilizing,snow removal,hedge and bush trimming, light tree trimming to start, power washing, driveway seal coating. Eventually id like to get into hardscaping as well. I know there are things i have left out but thats a general idea. I'm not expecting to make big money my first few years. My goal is to just get my name out there do quality work and grow. Please if anyone has any other info for me please feel free to write me.