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    Wanted to start New Business

    ravikumar Newbie
      HI Everybody,

      Can anybody help me what type of business can i start with 10k. Please give me the right suggestion and straight forward business as i dont want to waste my amount.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Wanted to start New Business, Welcome Tell me more.

          What is your background?? Are you working NOW??
          Have you developed a Business and marketing Plan??

          Do you know about SCORE??

          Talk to me, Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            COMPUTIAC Newbie
            Hi ravikumar,
            First you must give more information about your self.What are your experiences and interests?
            A quick note on educational back ground will help also.If you are a student please state this as well as it will only give some one more to go on.
            I see you have a certain amount available for this. If it were me I would leave information like this until after you see what is offered to you.
            I have accomplished your very goal, if of course you are speaking of a home based business.I started with only a basic idea, I as well as you should research the heck out of any and all offers.
            Now, in my opinion, and only my opinion I would be very wary of items posted here. Again, MY opinion.
            Please post back with the above mentioned information for either I or some one else could give you some futher direction.
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              kmswealth Newbie
              Hi. I would agree with prior posts to be careful with the suggestions given to you. There are many people who would see the 10K and want to offer you advice based on that and not necessarily your best interest.

              When you indicate you want to start a new business, that seems to indicate you have had a business before. Is this true? Do you have experience with a home based business?

              There are many different types of businesses you can start from the brick and mortar to home based businesses. There are also many different industries. What are your skillsets? Do you like to talk to people? Are you seeking something more passive? Are you familiar with internet marketing? Do you want a business with residual income?

              I would advise not getting involved with something that is a start up. There are many who would disagree with me because they feel that you're able to make more money with a start up but I can tell you from experience that most start ups do not deliver on what they originally promise and they're not stable.

              I would also make sure that any business you get involved with has credibility and does not have negativity surrounding it. When you search on the internet, do your due diligience. Many people will say certain things to have you join their business but if you do the research, you'll find the facts that will either support what they are saying or negate it.

              Also make sure that the business you get involved with is not just based on recruiting. Your income in a distributor based model will be based on whether other affiliaites stay in the business. That's not a stable model. You want a business based on customers.

              I have a business that is based on customers and the company does the follow up. I can see if it's a right fit for you but I would advise that you really think about what you are looking for and what your expectations are before making a commitment to anyone's business.

              Wishing you much success!


              Katherine Smith
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                bizconsultant Scout
                I am a business development and financing consultant and to help you with that question I would just like to ask you a few questions myself:
                a) what are you passionate about doing?
                b) what type of time do you have?
                c) are you wanting something "real world" or online?
                and finally
                d) do you want something product or service oriented?

                Rather you know the answer to some or none of these questions, I can still help you. Go to and then contact me at to talk further. I can give you a free business assesment and whatever questions you cant answer,we can figure out. The best businesses in general are a) those that will not take your entire 10K. Keep in mind you will need working capital and marketing expenses for whatever business you do b) provides recurring income - and I do not mean anything network marketing or MLM related. those tend to be a waste of time in my opinion and c) something thats related to what you have a passion for doing even if its not a 100% match because then you will have the energy and enthusiasm to make it work. Look forward to hoefully talking with you soon and if not, best of luck :)

                Anthony Jones - Busines Development Consultant
                ABC Solutions