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    Anyone like these business plans?

    aaotech Wayfarer
      Act As One Technologies, Base out of Fort Lauderdale Florida.
      We specialize in low cost, High scale solutions using Free and Open source software.

      Business plan #1.
      Call centers are overwhelmed with the cost of a predictive dialer(s) and per seat licenses.
      For example, a 16 seat amcat medialynx predictive dialer is $8000 dollars.

      These can be replaced with Free and Open source solutions for half the cost and come with 96 seats. The cost of initial PBX/Dialer setup with 1 year support contracts is the business. $2898 for the first year (hardware + support) and then $1299 per year after.
      I'm also thinking If they purchase another dialer to get another 96 seats, We can add that for an exta $399 per year. and $299 for 3 dialers.

      Of course if anybody likes this and would like to discuss/revise this.. I am open to discussion.

      Business plan #2.
      Automated bill collection service.
      So a company doesn't have to have a person making the calls to customers who are late on their payments, AAOT could create a low cost solution that companies could sign up for in numerical blocks. We could even setup a payment gateway in this system that the customers can pay with a credit card on the phone with and we tack on a %2 charge for.
      But basically it works like this.
      Joe the doctor has 30 patients who haven't made their payment. Well he signed up with us for $24.95 a month to call up to 100 customers and let them know it's time to make a payment.
      Joe sits down on a sunday afternoon, feeds our system names and numbers and amounts owed.
      Our system with it's 96+ lines calls all of them and lets them know they're late on their Joe the doctor bill and they can pay now or pay him at the office.

      Business plan #3.
      Dating site with regional phone partyline customers can call into.
      (I'm sure by now you guys must realize I'm a master of voice over IP which is where all my ideas center around :)
      So instead of these people messaging over the internet.. We can offer these people a place to sit and voice chat with their phones
      so their emails and phone numbers are protected.
      Say Suzie really likes Joe's picture, The site will have the option for Suzie to tell Joe to call into the party line later that night so they can talk.
      This way they don't have to figure out voice over ip or use skype or the such. They just use their trusty ole cell phones and can talk without
      swapping any other information.
      This way if Joe has a studder.. she'll know. heh.
      Of course membership costs will have to be no less than $29.99 to offer such features.. But look at and global personals how good their doing and they don't have half of the features I'm talking about offering.

      dwilliam at aaotech dot com.

      Best Regards,
      Danny Williams JR
      Act As One Technologies

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Anyone like these business plans, Welcome Danny

          YES, Will be in touch with you next week, Thanks
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            Good ideas. I was with several healthcare companies who used dialers to call patients on a regular basis. The technology you reference has historically been too expensive or too "hi-tech" for small companies to consider.

            On your auto-dial services, can you code it for responses; i.e. hit 1 to reorder, 2 for a call back, etc? This could be helpfull in some areas of healthcare where patients are required to reorder their supplies on a regular basis but suppliers are not allowed to "auto ship" - they need patient contact/confirmation on the reorder.

            Call me and I will be happy to discuss/give you an idea or two on specific healthcare sectors that may benefit from your plans.

            Have you thought about running the call centers for small companies that may not have the capacity or technology to do it themselves?

            Best of luck,
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                aaotech Wayfarer
                Hello Greg,

                I tried to call you, Left you a message by voice. You can call me at 954-414-0760 and just hit option 3.

                Actually Greg, These are alot of the things I thought about. I know Asterisk and Vicidial so well that I know I could come up with these solutions.

                I keep thinking of a VPN type solution. Basically run a PPTP authentication service so all they need is 2000/XP workstations that connect to a linux server running pptp and then have the dialers start up.

                A company called five9s already do it, But that $75 a seat plus whatever else cost they tack on is just nuts.

                Well, you have my number.. Call me if you want to discuss this further.

                Best Regards,
                Danny Williams JR
                Act As One Technologies.