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    SEO help

    knight58 Wayfarer
      I have been trying to optimize my web site and have found a good amount of success with some of the keywords. The main phrase I wanted to be found under is "message in a bottle" and I have been unable to even listed under that. I tried the link thing, changed my URL(s) and still nothing. Can anyone lend expertise to this ordeal?

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          SupremeCakes Wayfarer
          Assuming that you are optimizing for Google, You need for your lead off paragraph to be devoted to the subject of "message in a bottle" and try to get the phrase in there twice.

          Make a google search for "cake maker search engine" (one of my landing pages - not the index page.)

          You should find my site in the first or second position. You can click the page and see how I have worked my message in. Of course I am assuming that you have done a Google xml site map, done site verification and a world of other stuff. BOB
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            Ranjeet Newbie
            Dont do much changes very frequently...optimize Title of page once in for all and maintain healthy keyword density pharase "message in a bottle" and also dom some internal linking within your site from the same keyword and if prob still there, acquire backlinks from similar site as yours.
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              koz4change Adventurer
              Check out the SEO options (Traffic Blazer) at
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                BrassJmes Adventurer
                Have you tried SEM, it might help to jump start that particular keyword, at least for the pages you want it too?
                Also, have you considered other means of SEOing? except for optimizing your site?
                I usually suggest the creation of personal pages in and out of your website to promote your personal business presence on the web.
                You could try registering to LinkedIn ( ), besides increasing your business leads you would be linking (with whatever keywords you'd like) to your business site. Another option is Twitter ( ) which basically does the same thing, only with a bit more time investment (not that a full LinkedIn registration is that short). Another useful service is LookupPage ( ). It allows for a much more professional look for your profile and its decidedly less time consuming, so I'd start with that 1

                The best of luck