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    I Need help with setting up a website ??

    vicshoes12345 Newbie

      I have a nightclub and would like to do a website. I have been looking around but everthing i have look at is
      very expersive do anyone have any good ideals for me.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          help setting up a website, Welcome

          Who are you?? Where are you?? Do you have email?? Phone number??

          Talk to me.
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            Maddeb Adventurer
            How much do you want to spend?

            My husband is a multimedia professional, and owner of D-sign and Create, Inc. He is very affordable, and does custome sites. On average, he can create a beautiful interactive website, for about 1/2 of what traditional template websites charge.

            Browse his website:

            His contact info is avalible on his site. He could direct you to other sites he created as references, as well as his client rep. He can also quote you a general price per page. And if it is in your price range, then he will work with you to create your site, so that you get what you want. He'll spend much quality time communicating with you via phone and email. And if you in the Chicago Area, then you'll have opportunity to work on the site one-on-one, when time allows. My husbands name is Al. He is very personable, likeable, flexible and can create some amaizing graphics.

            Check his site out, give him a call for a quote. I am sure that he will be able to negotiate a very nice website within you price range. He also offfers other services, such as marketing material, promotional items, signs, logos, etc.

            I hope this helps.
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                vicshoes12345 Newbie
                Thank you i will check his it out,if i like i will get back with him
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                    aaotech Wayfarer
                    Hello Vic.

                    I know a web presence is very important these days. Most people just want to google you and see what turns up.

                    I'm an I.T. professional and I string things together on a budget.

                    I strongly recommend you get your domain with you can get a very basic hosting with email for only $10 a month and like $20 dollars to get started.
                    Also, Joomla is a great content manager to get things going quickly. Joomla lets you add a few pics and a little information and makes it look nice.

                    If you really want someone to do it for you, I would gladly do it for a small fee as long as you don't care about adding alot of fancy fluff to your site, just a few pics/hours/phone/contact/address information on the site.

                    dwilliams at aaotech dot com

                    Good luck.
                    Best Regards,
                    Danny Williams JR
                    Act As One Technologies
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                      Maddeb Adventurer
                      If you like D-sign and create, talk to Al about domain and hosting. He can get all that set up, and very cheap rates. He's been in the biz since .com started and know where to go for quality and afforadability on anything. Also, he'll stick with you; build a solid relationship. So if you ever have hosting problems, email trouble, etc, you can call him and he'll work out the bugs if you're not sure what to do. And he wont charge you for evey call like that. He's a solutions guy, and has the spirit of helping others.

                      Later on, as your bar grows, or changes genre, or want to add stream videos and photos of your events, (whatever) he'll continue to work with you on your website, and build it, change the look, what ever you want.

                      My uncle made the mistake of getting a template site for his business. My uncle is somewhat technically challenged, and you need to know some comuper language to work with templates. He bought a very nice template, but my uncle is always calling my husband for help. And because Al did not create his site, he does not have all the files to quickly work on it. Al could have built the same site, without a template, and cheaper, and then would have the ability to help him make changes quickly, without having to get together one-on-one with my uncles computer with all the files.

                      if you decide to get a template, stick with the company to build it also, or get a designer to build it- that is, if you don't know computer language/programming well enough. it could be a very expensive mistake. maintaining a relationship with your web designer is important, because websites are dynamic, and ever changing.
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                    koz4change Adventurer
                    Go to , the web hosting packages are perfect for a business, very affordable and good quality. You should also look into the marketing options available. I think the blogcast would be entertaining for a nightclub. As for the design of the website, you could use a template, otherwise check out for web design. Good luck!
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                      Uncaged Newbie
                      If you are willing to take the time to learn a little bit of information. I would recommend that you look into Joomla!. You can go to their site at

                      The software is free and fairly easy to use. You will have to go through a little bit of documentation to figure out the ins & outs but I would recommend it if you want to do it yourself.

                      Also, their are many Joomla! friendly hosting sites. Check it out!
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                        Bridge Navigator
                        I have several site with

                        You can get your domain name and hostingfrom them cheap and either use one of their templates/web design software to create a basic site our use their professionals who work on a fixed rate.

                        Best of luck,

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                          Ranjeet Newbie
                          Hey... we can take acre of design & devlopment part pf your website plus Basic online marketing/ SEO at free of cost. check out here at - and contact me if you are interested, we could offer you our services comparably at cheaper budget.
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                            bigcloudmedia Adventurer
                            Good day vicshoes12345,

                            Congrats on the Nightclub and i wish you the best finding a web-designer that suites your needs. My compnay Big Cloud Media custom designs and develops business websites and web-applications. We are full service offering hosting, maintenance, analytics to judge how your site is doing and more.

                            We would be happy to do a website consultation with you at no-cost. Through the web consultation we can see what you are looking for and what you want your website to do for you. Regardless of whether you go with us, we will help you hammer out what exactly you are trying to get out of your website.

                            Please contact me at
                            and I will be happy to discuss this more with you.

                            Thank you for your time.

                            Koji Flowers
                            Big Cloud Media
                            "We don't just build websites, we open doors."
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                              angel123 Wayfarer
                              we can help you for building website. What is your number?

                              So we can call you and we will negotiate the price.

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                                gymgal Newbie
                                Shawn Fairweather of Fairweather Consulting did my website any my SEO. Very skilled, reasonably priced. His email address is
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                                  SEOpro Adventurer
                                  I build websites for a living. What makes my work different is I build websites that appear on the top of search results. It doesn't happen overnight, but I can prove that what I do works.
                                  I'm also the author of two books on SEO (Search Engine Optimization - the science of raising websites on search results).
                                  Take a look at this short customer success story on my websitet:

                                  Best wishes.
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                                    mch423 Wayfarer
                                    We currently offer a simple web presence website for small businesses for FREE. Feel free to take a look at here for one of our user's sample website.

                                    Drop me a message if you're interested in setting one up. The pages are search-engine optimized as well.

                                    Web Presence / Build Relationshp / Establish Credibility
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                                      silvercell18 Wayfarer
                                      Since it seems that most website designers are too expensive right now for your budget. You have a bunch of different options if you wanted to just put in the information yourself. Using a website template, you could easily put in the information you want. Here are some examples:


                                      And here's some free website templates. They actually have one for a Night Club:
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                                        gs01han Newbie
                                        I recommend you buy pre design template they are very cheap,
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                                          skidaway Newbie

                                          I am a web developer in Savannah, GA, specializing in Joomla. I have sent you an email regarding some
                                          sites that you could view. I can provide custom, affordable, and professional solutions. Please respond to my email, if you are interested. (Joomla! is an incredible, open-source content management system).
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                                            CoveredBridge Newbie

                                            Alot depends on what you want to do with the website. AND how much you are willing to spend per month/year. AND how much time you have to maintain the website if you are doing it on your own. Have you tried Yahoo Business for a website?

                                            Try going here:


                                            If you need a simple one page website - just something on the www, so that someone can find your nightclub - address, phone number, etc, - it's really simple and cheap to do via places like Yahoo.

                                            But first you need to buy a domain name, like "" (good luck with THAT name - probably gone :) - can be as cheap as $10.00 per year.

                                            Then you need a place to "park" it, what they call "hosting", about $12 month. Yahoo allows you to do both at the same time (see above link). AND if you change your mind, they are really good about canceling immediately - no questions asked and no sneak charges later on.

                                            Or if you wanted to have a website where you sold stuff - maybe t-shirts from your now famous nightclub :) you need to have a shopping cart, so you need what's called an eCommerce website, which places like Yahoo also handles starting at about $40 month...go here:
                                            Just be aware that the lower priced eCommerce options require YOU to do all the imput, information etc, with their (very easy to use) templates. Or for more money per month (LOTS more money) they also give you the option of having one of their cracker-jack techo guys take care of all that for you.

                                   has several options like Yahoo to park a simple website - they have great deals right now - as low as $5 month when you choose the economy yearly plan - try going here:
                                            (I like the DOZENS of great templates you can choose from)

                                   also has similar options - with a plan for a simple website (no shopping cart) starting at around $13 per month or the eCommerce plan starting around $20.

                                            I see you've also had some offers in this forum for people to help you - that's also an option.

                                            Biggest questions that only you can answer is:
                                            What is your end desired result of the website,and then based on that answer
                                            How much are you willing to $pend (timewise or moneywise).
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                                              twozenn Newbie
                                              I have been programming for a few years now. My speciality is computer repair, I am a certified computer forensic technician so I know the inside and the outside of computers. I recently started my own business to build websites for locally owned home based and small businesses in my area at very reasonable prices not only to give back to my community but to generate word of mouth and get my name out there. I also aquired all of the building tools for free and therefore I can cut that charge out. I will be happy to work 1 on 1 with you to put together a professionally designed websit for your nightclub. Give me a buzz.
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                                                donnat1978 Newbie
                                                Hey VicShoes! I just wrote a blog post about informational sites on my company site- you can view that here:

                                                Having a website for you as a nightclub owner is a great supplement to the other advertising you are doing. You need a website that captures your brand-- but also one that you can manage on your own easily. My company just launched a great new information site offering which uses an excellent content management system to make it easy for you and your staff to make updates to your weekly entertainment and specials! We get to know you and your business and build a custom site for you- no templates here! After all, your club is different!

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                                                  amspcs Ranger
                                                  The following fellow is a frequent contributer to this forum. I have used him to re-design and fine-tune our
                                                  site and he is wonderful in all respects: Helpful, competitive, cooperative, reasonable, etc.
                                                  John Kelly, 6X6 Design, At the very least, communicate with him and
                                                  hear what he has to say before you make any other decision.
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                                                    AMULETAnalytics Adventurer

                                                    If you need to add a database on your website to provide information to your users, such as lists of events or sign-up or contact us web forms, consider using which offers simple to use web database functionality. There is a free, full-featured 30-day account available.
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                                                      marcrogers Newbie
                                                      Please take a look at and let me know if I can help.
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                                                        Anne87 Wayfarer
                                                        Do you still need help with setting up a website?

                                                        I can share you some info to help you make a cost-effective decision for your website ...
                                                        e-mail me at
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                                                          great_writer Newbie
                                                          There is a very inexpensive way to get started. Take it from me, I run nine web sites and I have very little extra time, so the approach has to be simple and intuitive.

                                                          The method I am about to suggest will cost you about $30-$90 a year in total. This includes getting a domain name, if you don't have one for your business already. The key to this approach is to use a great blog platform as your content management system.

                                                          First of all, find a good hosting service that is set up to support Wordpress. It is even better if they offer an automated method for setting up a Wordpress blog. The hosting service will be the major expense, costing you most of the amount I mentioned above. If you already have a domain name, you can transfer the domain name to the name server at the hosting company. This is all easy to do; I have done it dozens of times.

                                                          Next, have the hosting service install the latest release of Wordpress for you or use the utility in your c-panel, such as Simple Scripts or Fantastico to do this your self. This takes only minutes. Now, the fun part. Search for Wordpress templates on-line. You don't have to spend a dime; thousands are free thanks to some very talented, generous people out there. When you find one you like, you just need to unzip it on your computer and upload it to the hosting service using an FTP program.

                                                          Remember, much of this has not cost you anything and the results are great. You can add content and images and customize your new website all by yourself without needing professional help.

                                                          When your nightclub is offering a special, you just need to create a new post in your Wordpress blog and a few minutes later, you are done. No need to know HTML or PHP or CSS.

                                                          If you need any help, let me know. I currently have nine websites operating that are all based on this method.

                                                          Best Regards,
                                                          K Richard Douglas
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                                                              AMULETAnalytics Adventurer
                                                              Just to be clear, a blog is NOT a website and there are plenty of features that a website might have or need to have that are not possible on a blog. Don't get me wrong, blogs are great, but when someone asks about setting up a website, you need to be sure that a blog will suffice for their expectations.

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                                                                  great_writer Newbie
                                                                  If you investigate the evolution of blogs, you will find that they are moving away from the traditional blog look and the standard elements of blogs and moving towards full-blown web sites. This includes the formatting and common elements of the homepage. Some standard features of blogs can now be turned off in the administration panel. None of my 9 website looks like a blog. It is possible to use a static web page instead of a posting on the homepage as an example.

                                                                  The benefit of my approach is that you are making use of a powerful CMS that allows for easy content management. This approach also reduces expenses and does not rely on a third-party for site management. My answer was one of the few that didn't include any suggestion of using my services. This is a common-sense approach.
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                                                                Johnymoren Newbie
                                                                Vicky, Can I help you too? We've fine web templates too in
                                                                and some of them totally free.
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                                                                  calljack Newbie
                                                                  Hey vicshoes, I'd be happy to help you. I would be happy to talk to you on the phone and get things figured out. Let me know!
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                                                                    sriramch Newbie

                                                                    I trust that we can hrlp you finding the right solution for your requirement but before i going in to details i would like to request you to send an official email to my ID - . I will wait for your email and respond back to you immidiatly. I request you to send in a supporting document if any.


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                                                                      skydalimit Wayfarer
                                                                      Hi Sky Dalimit here, i can create a very beautiful/affordable site within your budget for you, just email me your budget price you want to spend (very negotiable) photos, Domain name such bios etc.. and any other things that you want me to include on your website for you. and ill make it happen. you can check out my website that I'm working on right now just did for my new entertainment company Heat Enterprise at

                                                                      my contact:
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                                                                        gregorycg Newbie

                                                                        I can help with building your website. I have a web design company in Houston Texas. Thank you, David