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    Venture Capital for startups

    trispec Newbie
      Are there Venture Capital companies out there for young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Venture Capital for startups YES

          Tell us more. Who are you?? Where are you??

          How do we get in touch with you??
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            NoBullFunding Scout

            There are, but VERY FEW startups qualify for investor financing. For 99.99% of entrprenuers, the best bet is to save your money, get your ducks in a row, and find a traditional commercial lender who will finance the business.
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              moneyresource Newbie
              While it is difficult for a new company to obtain any type of financing it is not that it cannot be done given certain criteria. If a person(s) backing the company are credit worthy, the doors are more open. In this market you need to look at thinking outside of the box and using traditional financing in an unconventional way. For example, business credit vs. personal credit. Obtaining business credit rather than running it all under your personal name can provide significant savings in the long run. Although in the first stages of obtaining business credit you generally need to personally guarantee it, it does not show on your personal credit report, thusly raising you personal credit score since you would not be using personal credit for financing.
              Please contact me if you have more questions. Samantha
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                  wealth2009 Newbie
                  It appears the information you have provided on your post might not be correct. If an individual chooses to provide a vendor/creditor their personal information on a business credit application, not only will their business credit be at risk, but their personal/consumer credit will be at risk as well.

                  This appears to be a misinterpretation of the facts, when someone tells another person their personal credit will not be impacted (in a positive/negative way), after receiving a business credit card when they personally guaranteed the card. Once you have provided the creditor with your SS# and DOB, then you have opened up your personal credit to the vendor. He/she has the authority to report both positive/negative information on your personal credit file.

                  It is always advised to never provide a vendor/creditor with your SS#, regardless to what they might tell you. Again, once they have your signature/authorization to pull your consumer credit report they will continue to report back any information to your consumer credit file whether positive/negative. Shalom!!
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                  cnravk Newbie

                  Any business plan with complete details documented and having assured returns will be funded. Contact me with ur plans.