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    Home Based Busioness - eCommerce: Conference call today

    Maddeb Adventurer
      To thoses who are considering a new home-based business... ShopToEarn might be a good fit for you. To learn more about this business, please join me on a conference call today. Also, browse my ecommerce site- My contact info is on the home page. Feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions. However, the conference call should cover all topics regarding this business, and answer questions you may have.

      Below is the info from my email:

      Friday, January 2nd Conference Call Schedule:


      For all of the calls, dial 212.990.2300 pin number 1988#.


      1pm EDT...Tour Call


      For our Tour Calls...Have your new referrals join you and duplicate your efforts by following these simple steps:

      • 1. Three-way call your referrals onto our tour call 1-2 minutes before the call begins by dialing 212.990.2300 pin number 1988# and make sure they're in front of their computer and ready to go.
      • 2. After the Tour, have your referrals go to, scroll to the bottom, click on your picture, and then click on the Join Now button on your website.

      This is the best way to introduce your referrals to ShopToEarn and duplicate your efforts. Our Daily/Weekly call times are posted in your Training/Support Center under Conference Calls.


      We look forward to having you on the Friday Call!


      Have a Great Day,


      Typically, there are 3 calls a day. I will post the conference call schedule on Monday, if your not able to make this call.