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    Simple questions but there is no working asnwer yet!

    DinhLe Newbie
      Happy new year everyone,
      Let go to the point. I am a small business owner with many good skills, et.; I am ready for the hardest test from all of our members. However, I am the worse of marketing and sale person on earth. Cause where I came from?
      All the businesses I've own now and before ALWAYS had or have better products and services than our competitors but I never can expand and make recent living.
      I would like to hear from all of members and ready to try your advises.
      Thanks for taking times to read and reply my question,
      Dinh Le
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          helen198 Newbie
          What's your field?We are in the Led field,it's promising.
          I don't know if you are interested in.
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              DinhLe Newbie
              Good morning Helen,
              Right now I am in the restaurant business; we own a Vietnamese restaurant in Portland, Oregon. It is doing just ok right now but not too busy as we want. We have good foods, good services, very clean, good customers base, and the price is reasonable. You can check out for more details about my business.
              Here is little information about me:
              Came to the US 1991
              Finished Associate degree in Automobile technology
              Finished B.S degree in Business Admin.
              Started the first electronic and repair business with my brother 1997. He run by himself right now and it's doing great.
              Tried to work on many other projects with partners and friends but we never worked out
              Started the restaurant 2003 by mistakes until now
              Side work: computer, electronic repair, automobile repair, etc. much better many pro. out there
              I am VERY GOOD on almost everything I have done.

              Here is what I am try to do:
              How I can send out the words about our restaurant without spending a lot of money. I need help on marketing and sales.
              I am working on a new project right now so I need a part-times job from 10 to 15 hours a week without leaving my restaurant. I got couple offers already but they were all full time.
              The job I am looking for have to have something to do with Viet Nam or Vietnamese community. It can be large or small projects.
              Please let me know if you want more information. Thanks Helen
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                  natagroup Newbie
                  Restaurants are one of the best business, if you have a clean fecility with quality food. I am sure that you have it.

                  What you could try is; if you are associated with any local church, put add in every local area church weekly bullettin, they are very cheep.

                  Second, any common function in the community, you keep a table with some sample food (may be a sping rools etc) and some buy one get one free etc coupons.

                  Get more involved in the community where you live, and sponsor kids activites etc.

                  Rather than just concentrating on Viet food, if possible give some more wide choice like Chinese, Thai etc..

                  Wish you good luck...
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                puzzleman Tracker
                Welcome DinhLe to the BOA forum. You will find many good ideas here.

                Concerning your question, I will tell you about my experience. I own a personalized wood working comapny.
                I started because I loved creating something with my hands and knowing the people would actually pay me money for what I created. My products are of the highest quality materials and workmanship and my prices reflect that as mine are higher than my competitors.

                The hardest part for me starting out was being able to tell people about my products, why they should buy it and why they should pay me more than they would the other guy. It wasn't easy but my enthusiasm for what I did overcame my selling fears. Then in one of those rare moments, I realized that my primary job is to sell. I have taught others to make my products to my standards at my shop. But what I have developed above anything else is the ability to talk about my products and inform people of what I do. I do not do the hard sell but rather follow the creed of "An informed customer is the best customer." I explain how, what and why I do in my shop. People connect with it and purchase my products. I keep them coming back by delivering what I said I would do (excellent cusotmer service).

                I also have taken different types of selling classes at the community college. These helped me by learning how to talk with people and also that other people have the same problems that I did.

                I hope that my story will help you to focus on the selling once you have the quality and customer service levels high.

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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Simple questions, Welcome Dinh Le

                  I am great at both Marketing and Sales. SCORE can also help you. SCORE is FREE.

                  Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                      DinhLe Newbie
                      Hello David,
                      Thanks for your replied. The first time I tried Score was 1997 then 2001 and the last time was 2008. Never work out for me and many of our friends in Portland, Oregon.
                      May be I got it wrong but it never mean free to me too. I got almost the same answers every times went to the Score office and most of the answers can be found in Economy 101 textbook. They tried to send me couple advance classes with small fee around $60 or $70 or so for each, but I never check them out. I don't know if this is what you try to tell me?
                      Happy New Year!
                      Dinh Le
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                      glasslady Newbie
                      First, let me wish you and everyone the best of New Years. I found myself at a crossroads in career and decided to open a business doing what I love. I hope that you are doing what you love because making the connection with people is much easier when you have customers who see that you enjoy what you do. Word of mouth is the least expensive and can be the very best advertising. I was not born with customer service skills, nor did they come easy. In my previous jobs, training for customer service skills was readily available and I took advantage of the training whenever possible. Those trainings came under the heading of "natural and cultural interpretation" and "meeting facilitation/ meeting management." Doesn't really sound like business owner training, but anything that helps you connect with people in a meaningful way in your business is valuable and can come from surprising sources. If you can find seminars, classes, etc. that can help you with customer service issues, go for it. I really believe it will pay off. I feel that it has for me.

                      Best Wishes and good luck in your business!