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    I would like to open an ebay store,  Where do I start??

    LUCKIEST Guide
      I would like to open an ebay store, Buying and selling things on line.
      Where do I start?? Do I need A Business Certificate?? Fedreal I D Number??
      Checking Account.
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          Faerie Wayfarer
          We expanded our business to sell on Ebay about 18 months ago. In some ways it is an easier way to sell online but it still has a learning curve.

          Start with the above links - and the go on to the rest of Ebay's help files on selling. They really do cover the basics. Also do some research. Find out if what you want to sell will sell on Ebay. Look at selling prices.

          Look at the community boards (keeping in mind that each board has it's own bias and flavor). Seller Central is a great board for learning the ins and outs of selling procedures. Packaging and Shipping is a good place to learn some of the pitfalls associated with sending your merchandise to the customer. The Building an Ebay Business board covers a range of successful sellers - from full time Ebayers to full time sellers that use Ebay and everything in between.

          Like all business endeavors there is risk with Ebay. Know the fees before you start selling. Learn as much as possible from other experienced Ebay sellers.
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            emeraldrose63 Adventurer
            When you start a store, let me know and don't forget to sign up for Bigcrumbs.. and when someone buys from you, you can put your bigcrumbs link in the replies..
            Read the info about Bigcrumbs..
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              instantsite Newbie
              The first thing you will need to do is get yourself a business entity. You can talk to the Small Business Administration and recieve help on getting started. Once you choose the appropriate business entity (most likely an LLC or S Corp) you need to choose a name that is not taken and register it with the appropriate government agencies (IRS, State, County, City, etc. and largely depending on the state you live in). In doing this you will get yourself a federal EIN (tax id) and ensure that you are legitimate as an organization. Once again, visit the SBA and they can help you with this. Fortunately the costs of getting up and running in this type of business are not high so your risk is low!

              I would say the next thing for you to do is get a basic website up and running with a domain name that is appropriate, and email addresses configured so that people can connect with you easily. Websites are a good way for small business owners to accomplish a lot of talking to potential customers without saying a word. Since you know that you will be selling on ebay, you may want to get your website setup at ProStores which is an ebay owned company. This way you can build a nice looking site from a template and have some really nice features built in! Like Quickbooks integration!

              From there you will have a professional presence to build from and your site can scale with you for quite a while. Once you outgrow the feature set of a canned hosted solution like prostores, you will have far bigger concerns then your website! But you will also be at a point to invest a little more in your business!

              I am putting a site together to help people like you get started with the website, hosting, design, and ecommerce side of things, so if you have some suggestions or questions, check it out and get in contact with me. <a href=""></a>
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                PeoplePawn Wayfarer
                There are a few "E-Bay Store" type franchise opportunities available which will offer turn-key solutions and ongoing support. One that I like is the model. Check it out. Good luck.

                Patrick (
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                  Emile Yarder Adventurer
                  Hello, Please my page on and start to buy and sell all around the word. My address is brussels expres shipment belgium (in one word). You don't need to be a business man to start there. You could start as an amateur. When you get 10 positive feed back from other members then you could have the right to have a store. For a small fee. If you want to sell on the site as a professional you need to do what it needs from your local administration. Many retired people sell on ebay; it's easy and amazing! Nice to ear from you again!