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    Ideas for stretching your dollar

    simon07 Wayfarer

      What are some strategies you are doing to save personal cash? (other than the big ones like reduce personal debt, etc.) I thought it would be interesting if people shared their creative/personal tips. Here's mine to start us out:

      We took a look at our credit card bills and noticed that the majority of our cash was being burned on last minute dashes on takeout. Yes that's right takeout. We're going to plan ahead and cut down on last minute meals out and literally shop more at the super market.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Ideas for stretching your dollar

          Good idea. I will add two more. One, We stopped buying cups of coffee out. We have coffee with breakfast.
          Make an additional cup or two and we have coffee for the morning.

          Two. No more Champagne and a glass of wine at the restaurant instead of a bottle of wine.