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    Opening a new business in this climate?!?

    Localimpress Newbie
      I have recently developed a new business.
      I'm a serial entrepreneur and have been very successful building companies in the past. I have a new business that is up and running and starting to build a paying customer base.
      I've taken advantage of the disruptive forces that have been rocking the economy for some time now, namely the confluence of low prices for the equipment I need, as well as the high bandwidth Internet that has become commonplace.
      I'm placing HD flat screens at key locations around Naperville IL. The system runs my own entertainment system as well as our own network protocols. (Yes we designed and built the whole thing in house and own it lock stock & barrel) The system generates revenue by selling ads to local businesses only (No national accounts)
      One screen costs about $2000 to install, but when sold out produces $1500 - $1900 a month in revenue.
      The local Chamber of Commerce loves it, the City loves it, the screen hosts love it and now my advertisers love it.
      I can roll this out nationally within 12 - 18 months if I can partner with the right Angel or VC investor. (i.e one who doesn't want my arms, legs and first born child)
      It's not just the technology that puts us in front, it's the actual business plan that is so unique it might even be patentable.
      Any serious investors can help me with this?