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    Looking for Investor & Partner for Real Estate Company

    mstephan09 Wayfarer

      My business partner and I are in the middle of completing our business plan and are looking for an investor/partner. We are wanting to create a company that purchases properties in the hardest hit areas (as far as foreclosures go), do the rehab work if needed to get the property in livable condition agian, and then create rent to own programs for the people that have been foreclosed upon. We will specifically market these properties to people that have been foreclosed on and help them get back on their feet. These homes would essentially be long term flip homes depending on when and if the housing market rebounds, but will give us positive cash flow in the mean time. Based on the decreased values out there today, obviously we will be able to get homes for pennies on the dollar since banks are flooded with these foreclosures, and unloading them (the bank) is much better then writting off the entire home as they aren't in the business of repo'ing homes. We are looking for an investor and partner to start this company and help us in the purchase of these properties.

      If anyone has any suggestions or would like to get more information please contact me at