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    Ideas to get business growing

    businesswoman Newbie
      Children Entertainment Business offering specialize unique birthday parties with indoor playgroung and reedemption games. Need at least sixty birthday parties monthly to break even, however I am not succeeding at this. I get great reviews from the services we provide but the business is not growing. Any ideas please help.
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          koz4change Adventurer
          Do you have a website?
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Ideas to get business growing, Welcome

            Yes I have many ideas. How do I get in touch with you?? Email?? Phone??

            60 parties a month to break even?? Something is WRONG or Rotten.

            If you do two a weekend, you should break even, Who is keeping your books or stealing you BLIND??

            Talk to me, LUCKIEST
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                businesswoman Newbie

                Hi Luckiest,

                my email is


                Luckiesr, my business is very slow and I am not getting enough customers. I am interested in changes that could be made to attractg more customers. I am not comparing my business with Chuckie Cheese because they are in bussiness forever. I need to know what I am doing wrong and what can be done diffrently.

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                  businesswoman Newbie
                  I am not being robbed,but my overhead expenses are very high so i need that amount of parties to pay the overhead expenses. Any suggestions on how to get the coustmers to come in.




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                      britinusa Wayfarer
                      Might be time to review those overheads.

                      A lesson I learned early on in business was to grow out of my location, not to grow into a new one!

                      The decision to occupy my first couple of office leases were made more on the advice of 'Friends' instead of taking stock and making a simple financial decision, those offices worked out really really expensive!

                      So unless you have an abundant cash supply, then you might need to resize to your sales, rather than built out to your expectations so early in your business cycle.

                      Hope that helps.

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                        wordperfect Scout



                        Certainly look at your overheads, maybe a completer rethink is needed because those numbers are staggering, even here where the Child is King, or Emperor Empress it is a big ask.


                        Even if you could get that amount of biz what about the sheer effort to keep it going, maintain the same standard and keep your health and sanity?
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                      puzzleman Tracker
                      I agree with Luckiest. You need to rethink your program if you need to sixty events per month. That works out to 15 per week or two per day. I don't feel that is a reasonable number to be able to achieve when you are starting out. You need to get a business plan together to project starting small and how to be profitable that way. Then you can scale up as the opportunities arise.

                      I will sound like Luckiest and tell that SCORE can help with free business planning and counseling.
                      (You don't have to do any parties to affors that.)

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                        koz4change Adventurer

                        I agree with the previous comments: revamp you business plan (SWOT Analysis) and rethink your goals. 60 parties seems to be excessive. Also, when you update your website, don't skimp on web design. You have a "fun" business so make your website fun and interactive. If kids are able to play games and use your sight, their parents will use the site and that is who has the money. For affordable web hosting and some good web marketing options check out , also if you could post your web link it would be nice to see what you have so far.

                        Good Luck,

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                          Love2Dzign Newbie
                          Three ideas:

                          • Add additional services/options to each party to help increase average cost per party or just increase the overall cost of each party (as long as you will stay competitive)

                          • Reach out to similar businesses (perhaps outside of your area) to see what they are doing, compare notes, etc. If you can befriend someone in the same industry in your area, great, but if not, reach out to other areas to talk shop.

                          • Until you reach the level of revenue your are seeking, perhaps you can rent out your space to local organizations, networking groups for meetings, etc, during off times. Plus the added bonus is those individuals will see your location and may be able to tell others about it. Or, you can even host your own networking event at your location to get the word out and have potential moms and dads in business come to the event.
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                            born4business Wayfarer
                            I'm sure I could help you come up with some great, innovative ideas. I love helping new businesses and organizations. I just need to know more details about what you have and haven't done already. Check out my website and contact me if you would like my help.

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                              TheMediaHog Newbie

                              Visibility is everything when you're marketing a business. A sign, a website, even a business card can do it, but in very limited scope. Advertising can do it... at a high price that says to the reader that you've paid to toot your own horn.


                              Providing visibility with credibility is the role of PR. Best of all, it can do it at a fraction of the cost of advertising and with increased perception of your company as a valuable, newsworthy product or source of information. Carefully positioned, your business could be featured in newspapers, magazines, or even special events arranged to showcase your product(s).


                              So, when you're working on your marketing plan, don't forget PR. It is a great tool to increase sales and enhance employee relations... giving you the "best bang for your buck".


                              For more information on how PR can help you reach your sales goals, visit!