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    Trying to put together a Win-Win Deal and

    CaptCole Newbie

      Leather upholstery furniture company in Hickory, NC. I've being struggling the past 6 months (running at 50%), but thought I had found the answer. Much larger company would bring another company (also running at 50%) into our facility, parent would take over administrative and sales duties, while we would continued manufacturing. I would receive money down, a salary for running the combined manufacturing and a royalty for 4 years on sales.

      This seemed like a Win-Win for all parties until the buyer started dragging their feet. They have a proven track record, having pulled this off two other times with related companies. Their reluctancy is funding for the new venture in this economy.

      I've put this out to some local investors, but thought I'd try here for at least some advise and maybe an investor.