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    Any "high" marketing ideas?

    WhiteBrow Wayfarer

      Our fitness center is located high up on the 7th floor. We get a lot of foot and vehicle traffic in the area, and would like to increase our visibility. Right now, we just have one sign at the entrance of the building.
      Any recommendations?
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          ScubaDive Wayfarer
          It seems like a lot of fitness companies can get away with big exciting banners showing people working out and getting fit. Can you hang a banner on the side of the building or a special "flag" that promotes your fitness center?
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            FashionGal Wayfarer

            I found that an effective marketing tactic for areas that get a lot of foot traffic is to simply have a sandwich board out on the sidewalk. It's portable and can be easily brought out at a moments notice. I've used this for my clothing store which is located on the 2nd floor and it definitely helps draw attention to my store.
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              maxamillion Wayfarer
              I was a controller for a large group of squash clubs that were located on high floors. The normal marketing method was flyers in the other surrounding buildings, sometimes with free passes to come in and workout for free. Offer discounts to people in the immediate vicinity on your flyers. If business is really slow, specially in summer we offered free evaluations provided there was a minimum sign-up. One big attraction was to waive the registration fees, just charging the monthly
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                  WEBillions Adventurer
                  Maxamillion has some good ideas for fliers. Also try get your fliers up on the bulletin boards (ask the receptionist) of nearby businesses. Busy employees often don't get enough exercise and a constant reminder on their bulletin board might even convince them to get a group together to go over and check you out.
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                  galvanics Wayfarer
                  I think if you were able to put signs in the elevator so when people go to the other floors they would be able to see your adverts. Also, if you were to put Ads in the parking structure this would inform all of the traffic that company was in the building and on the 7th Floor.

                  I hope this helps!!
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                    val_cards Scout
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                      I would build upon the sandwich board idea and also look at stick-in Window decals. Then maybe do a cost-effective flyer handout with running specials, and then say something like 'Look for the building with the _____ in the windows!' - it's gimmicky, but would definently light a beacon for your consumer base
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                        flex_00 Wayfarer
                        Work with the building management company and offer corporate discounts to other tenants in your building. I would do the same thing with the surrounding buildings. Also, set up a table on the sidewalk, manned with two employees that handle new membership. Have them greet passerbys (did I spell that right?). Make it fun for them...maybe have them spin a giant wheel that has things they can win like a 2-week trial membership, free hour massage etc. You could even give10 minute massages right on the sidewalk too as another promotion.

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                          MarketSmarter Newbie
                          I would do something that created some noise for your company.  The ideas offered in the other posts are very solid and are good for long-term growth, but to jump start awareness (and if your building will allow it) use your height to your advantage.  I recommend working with an outdoor company to place oversized pull-up bars or climbing ropes on the side of the building.  Then have oversized mannequins posed like they are working out on these apparatus. It would certainly get noticed and most likely garner you significant PR.
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                            promo.plan Newbie
                            I would use a combination of the suggestions you've got so far to create a strategy to draw qualified traffic to your door. Here are some ideas:
                            1. Have a monthly promotion, for example "the first week" or "every monday", etc, where you can have special activities going on, that will create and reinforce your brand awareness.
                            2. Using the sandwich board idea without the sandwich (you'll get lots of traffic but you only want QUALIFIED traffic), you can give something out far less expensive, in exchange for people's name, phone and email, as well as the answer to 2 or 3 qualifying questions, to build your qualified prospect's list, to market later.
                            3. Using the flyer idea, you can have a couple of kids, dressed up with trendy clothes displaying your logo and message, handing out the flyer announcing your event. It's important that the text and graphics resonate with your audience and have a compelling call to action.
                            4. Free gifts that consist of your own services as well as discounts are a good idea, as long as the recipients fit your target profile.
                            5. During your promotion time, you can offer that everyone who signs up gets a free gift, which would have your logo, of course.

                            Notice how many times I repeated the word "qualified"...

                            Good luck to you!