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    Whats the best way to attract online consumer's attention?

    keyaudioads Newbie
      Hi everyone, I am new here. Name's Gerry from UK and I run an internet advertising business called KeyAudioAds that serves targeted audio-visual ads to consumers in all countries. We have a large network of publisher websites that host our code and play/show our ads. The audio runs for around 8 seconds and can be controlled by the user, so are not intrusive. The visual element is static on the page. The user can both click the image and press a keyboard key to visit the advertisers website. The advertiser gets two for the price of one - audio + visual ads. You can read more on what we offer at

      Now, a user sitting in front of a computer is a consumer as far as we're concerned. They have just arrived at a website which contains some advertising. He or she is a potential customer for one of our advertisers. You will all have seen different ways to advertise to the online consumer, so here's the question:

      Thinking as an advertiser, or business owner, what is your preferred method to attract the online consumer's attention?

      I'll start...

      I obviously prefer a mixture of visual and audio providing the ad is not too intrusive.