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    Children Entertainment Business

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      My business has been open for 13 months and I feel stagnant with growing the business. I have website, I made flyery, I did newspaper ad, local community papers, radio etc, however I feel like I am not acheiving any headway. My overhead expenses are high and further more starting the business I had to dip into my credit cards which has a higher interest rate. I know this business can be successful but I have no experience in the marketing business and seem to be wasting money in the wrong place. I also need help with cash flow. What can I do and where can I turn. I started this business in order to help my family because my husband was disagnosed with Congestive heart failure and had to be out of work for a while. I thought that this business would help us managed because he was out of work but I need help more than ever. I am open to any suggestion or recommendation. If I don't get some help soon I might have to put this business up for sale.



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          emilysbs Newbie
          I have been working with my mom's entertainment company for over a decade. My quick word of advice is that phonebooks cost a lot and don't work as well as you would think. The best way to bring in new business is from 2 things. The first is Word of Mouth.... create an incentive to customers you do get to reccommend you to their friends and family. Such as a discounted price for them on their next party and one for any friends they recommend who also book with you. The second best way to bring in new customers while also making money is working with the local restaurants, ice cream palors, candy or toy stores in the area and either setting up a once a week deal to have a character come and drive customers to their business either for payment or in exchange for free advertisement. You can pass out flyers and business cards as you demonstrate your abilities and potential to the people who come by. But i always say.... offer the people something and you are bound to attract someone. So, in whatever you do, offer a 10% off first time discount or something like that.

          Hope I could help... feel free to keep in contact with me if you need more advice or someone to just toss ideas around with :-)
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Children Entertainment Business

            *YES I have suggestions, HOWEVER I made a New Year's resolution NOT
            to give out suggestions to postings who do NOT tell me who they are. Go
            to Members page and share some info with us and then I will be happy to
            share with you.*
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              Try visiting places where children are primary focus and speak to person in charge ask is you could leave flyers, this form of marketing has worked wonders for me booking parties.

              When speaking to person in charge offer them some type of discount or incentive this helps get your flyers accepted.

              Places I recommend to visit and leave flyers any type of school (public, private, karate or sport) and stores offering kids products.

              Hope this helps.

              Good luck

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                KatsVoice Newbie
                First: Starting a business to add immediate income, is really
                not a "sound" practice. You are setting yourself up for failure due to
                an overly high expectation of success. Your mental mindset should be
                that you may not see a profit for over two years. 13 months is just not
                enough time to expect your business to fly into profits. Profits at
                this early stage should be re-invested back into the business.

                Second: You mention all the things you did. Website, advertise,
                business cards, etc... Business doesn't always work just because you
                performed the "WORKS". You need to stop spending...and start
                internalizing your thinking. Develop a plan. Research SCORE and other
                resources to really develop both a firm business plan and a marketing
                plan. These "plans" will require changes and adjustments...moreso in
                the beginning as your "perceptions" of your marketplace, transform due
                to your actual experience in your market.

                Consider these questions:

                WHY would people want your services?

                Do people NEED your services?

                HOW MUCH MONEY are they EXPECTING to pay for services?

                What's the likelihood of REPEAT BUSINESS and REFERRAL BUSINESS?

                What's your COMPETITION? (This includes alternative entertainment such as, ChuckE Cheese..not just similar providers)

                What makes your service UNIQUE and a BETTER SOLUTION?

                Then...ask your friends the same questions....

                Then ask your customers....

                Then ask your prospects...

                I guarantee you will feel much more "in-tune" with what you need to do after this.

                There really is no advice that would help you at this point if you haven't done a plan. You will have NO shortage of people willing to accept your money to help you advertise, so don't RUSH to get there. Slow down, take a deep breath, and think your business through.
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                    TheMediaHog Newbie

                    You've mentioned your marketing and advertising efforts and they are all great. But, what about PR? PR will set you apart from your competition in a big way. If your entertainment business is portable... then, set up at a local shelter or childrens' hospital and make the day a little brighter for those who don't have much to smile about. You are sure to create a "buzz" in your community which should result in increased sales. Sometimes you have to give to get.

                    Good Luck!

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