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    New Business - Need Help with a few things

    haservicesinc Newbie
      I recently started my own computer business, I have over 8 years of experience and I went to college for computer programing, so far Im ready to start a business... working ful time at a boat dealership, I decided to run the business part time until it grows.. I started it 10/1/08.. I decided to put it on embarw yellow pages, at&T yellow pages. and craigslist. So far sense Oct. I being getting alot of calls, I have made so far $932.52 in 3 months worth of services I done... I know if I advertise the company more, If I have atleast some type of capital around 3-5 grands, I be able to put my business on top sponsered ads on the yellow pages, I be able to have a better website, and marketing products like business cards, folders, and so forth.. who do i need to talk to, to be able to have no more than 3-5 grands of capital loaned to me to improve my business.