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    Permission Based Marketing for Small Business

    Team09 Wayfarer

      Permission based email marketing is becoming one of the most
      powerful marketing tools available to offline businesses today. Great results
      have been achieved with permission based email marketing in the online
      marketplace for years, now those same techniques can be implemented to
      provide an affordable way to connect with the customers and
      prospects that are interested in the products and services your company


      Being much faster, cheaper and easier to
      execute than other forms of traditional advertising, permission based
      email marketing is an ideal solution for companies wanting to drive
      customers and prospects to their websites and offline stores.


      permission based email marketing, companies have the advantage of
      targeting their advertising efforts much more precisely than direct
      mail and print advertising, and at a fraction of the cost.


      misleading beliefs, recent surveys have shown that many customers and
      prospects not only appreciate, but actually prefer hearing from and
      recieving information from companies via email as opposed to
      telemarketing and direct mail.


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          nilads Adventurer
          With all the emails received daily how many folks open emails from people they don't know? That is something that we don't tolerate at I feel it is more effective to advertise and allow people to log on if they want to not force emails into their mailboxes. It's like receiving piles of junk mail in your mailbox. All the ad monies spent is actually wasted!
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              Team09 Wayfarer
              Permission based marketing has been used very successfully for years by not only Internet marketers, but also by major offline companies the likes of Disney, Microsoft, Amazon, Best Buy, Omaha Steaks and the list goes on and on.

              Permission based email marketing is the process of having current customers as well as potential customers voluntarily submit their information and thereby asking to receive information from a company about their products and services.

              This allows a satisfied or potential customer and a business to keep in direct contact with one another, a service that many customers appreciate.

              For the customer and potential customer, learning of specials, promotions, sales or new items through direct email allows them the opportunity to take immediate action if so desired.

              For the business, it allows them to promote their products and services directly to a targeted and receptive audience, meaning those that have chosen to receive their information.

              After all, who better to advertise to than the people who like and use your products and services already and the people who have shown interest in your company and have said "Tell Me More"

              Building a loyal customer base is as important as growing your customer base and in todays market place it is vital to hold on to the customers you have. Most would be surprised to learn how many customers are receptive to emails from companies they frequent.

              Permission based marketing is NOT about spamming thousands of email boxes, it IS about taking care of the customers you have and promoting your business in a professional, pro-active manor.

              When you say you don't tolerate that at (your website) I'm not sure what you mean. Your website is a free site, set up with free hosting that you are promoting affiliate links on.

              To be successful in business you must be pro-active, not re-active.