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    Getting CDL do you know a good trucking school/company?

    triplert3 Adventurer
      Ive been an Independent Courier Driver for 13 years, but Im looking into becoming a owner/operator but I need to have a CDL. Im looking into a trucking company call P.A.M. P.A.M. helps ypu get the training for a fee of 1100.00 that you pay within a year of working with them. But they keep you "On The Road" for that year. Ive look at other schools but they charge like 4000.00 with no job placement. Does anyone now any other companies similar to P.A.M.?
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          barney1 Newbie
          One of the better schools, is ENGLAND out of Salt Lake City, UT....look them up on the WEB they have a great site and their recruiters will spend as much time explaining thier operations as necessary.......They will train on-site the provide you with either a lease tractor option or you can become a company driver,after graduation, I would recommend you drive company until you know you'll enjoy being on the road that much................................Good Luck