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    Growing, maintaining or down-sizing?

    caffeinated Scout
      Hi Community,

      Just wondering how everyone is doing in today's environment. Are you growing your business, maintaining business or are you down-sizing? Its scary to think that you may be unemployed at any moment...have you had to reduce staffing levels?

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Growing, Yes we are Growing and Hiring

          Looking forward to next year being another winner.

          Thanks and happy new year. LUCKIEST
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            Iwrite Pioneer
            I am looking to grow. Not ready to hire full time yet. I think if you are careful and deliberate in your hiring, you should be the same way with your reducing staff. Laying off should be close to the last resort, not near the top. Or at least that is what I believe.

            I agree that being unemployed can be scary but have faith in your skills and look for ways to put them to work for you. Have an exit strategy. That's my advice to the unemployed.
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Growing. I wish you the best in your quest for growth next year (and if there is anything SCORE or I can do to help), please let me know.

                In the mean time, Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New York.

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                    Iwrite Pioneer
                    Happy New Years to you and yours and everyone else!!

                    I just got in from SC this morning, a 15 hour drive straight thorough by myself - a lot of time to think and appreciate all that we have. I swear the south has some of the prettiest skies!!

                    I will definitely call when I need help or advice. Thank you for the offer. Feel free to do the same if you have a marketing or advertising issue.
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                        care2excel Wayfarer
                        Hi, Iwrite:

                        Heard you just came from SC. Did you say 18 straight-hour drive from there---- north or east?
                        Just curious because our business is in SC and we are right now also 18 hours away from there
                        going northeast.

                        We were so lucky to decide flying instead of driving one hour before the chaos begun .. ..
                        passengers getting stranded everywhere because of the bad weather. Looking back,
                        I believe we must also be very intuitive in making busi
                        *spur of moment ones. *

                        Be filled with peace and joy+.+
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                            Iwrite Pioneer
                            It was only 15 hours but I drove it alone both ways, from Grand Prairie, TX to Columbia, SC and back. I guess it was an East/West trip. It was a great ride and the weather was beautiful, it also gave me plenty of time to think without people or things getting in the way.

                            I thought about flying but I would have spent more money. Gas was only $60 each way, that would not have bought a one-way ticket. It gave me the opportunity to see more of the south and taste some mighty fine food along the way!

                            To all, a blessed New Years filled with joy and love, with those you are already rich.
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                      puzzleman Tracker
                      For the year of 2008, I was up over 10% in sales. I am staying on the path I set out and will continue to grow and add more people. I feel that 2009 will be an opportunity for those that keep their organization lean and push excellent customer service. As people feel that they have less money to spend, they will want to make sure that they are getting top value for their money. I am not talking about cutting prices but giving customers good value in quality, customer service, etc.