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    SEO Experts, Please advise!

    HeavenOnEarth Newbie
      Dear SEO experts,

      I have been doing quite a bit of SEO research over the past few weeks, and come to find out, I've been doing things wrong! It seems that one of the most important elements to SEO is having your main keyword or phrase in your domain name! When I did my initial research 5 years ago when we were first building our web site, I actually read that this may be a plus--but now I think it is being quite a huge deterrent from us truly maximizing our web traffic.

      What do you all think? Is this important or not?

      I project that if this is the missing link in my SEO campaign, that I may get 10 times the web traffic I have now--once I finally get listed on the first page of my main key phrase! (I am making this deduction by comparing the web traffic my main competitors have, who are listed on the first page of my main key phrase.)

      Is this a realistic projection?

      I need to know so I can prepare for the potential explosion (or *not*) in my business!

      Thank you, in advance, for your time and input!

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          your_web_guy Adventurer
          I am by no means an expert, but i do know a thing or two about search engine optimization and how to get in the top ten for just about any keywords. You can literally drive your self nuts trying to learn and do all the things suggested for seo. Here is the best advice i can give you:

          Stop trying to manipulate search engines and just try to make a good website.

          Google cannot be manipulated. They are much smarter than you. If you try to do things that will "make google do" what you want it to do you will end up wasting time and seeing little results. Dont get me wrong... you may see success for a little while with some tip or trick you learn somewhere, but if its that easy to get a search engine to put you in the top ten then soon it will no longer work. Spend your time on something that will yeild results in the long term.

          with that said, yes a keyword rich domain will help for that keyword... for now. Who knows when the algorythm will change and that will no longer be of any benefit. Even right now it is not the be all end all for seo. Look at they are in the top ten for just about any product they make, but their domain is Why is that? Because they have a useful and informative site (the brand name helps too but i am trying to illustrate a point) Your domain name is not nearly as important as who links to it, their page rank, ther keyword use, the content on the page and all the other things that go into it. A domain name is just a piece of the puzzle and yours is already out there the way it is.

          My advice: just focus on making a website that people (and therefore google) will find useful and informative. If you change domain names now you will go back into the sandbox and it will take months to see any rankings at all. I would spend my time trading links and writing good keyword rich content rather than messing with domain names.

          The good news is that you do need to think about seo and do things a little differently than someone who just types, but it seems you are doing that already so keep it up and dont over do it... dont forget that if you ever get blacklisted you will never get unblacklisted.
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            StevePo Newbie
            I would agree with much of what web guy said.

            Content is king. If you have great content, you will rise in the search rankings.

            A good domain name is a plus but I don't think it will land you on the first page of results.

            Look at it from Google's perspective: if someone finds your site through a keyword search, Google keeps track of whether the visitor looked at your site for a second or two and then bounced back to the search results to find something else. They also keep track of whether the visitor stayed on your site and clicked around on a bunch of pages.

            A good domain name might help you bring in a visitor to your site but obviously it won't be enough to keep them there.

            Google interprets the bounced visit as a sign that your site does not have much useful information for the person searching for those keywords. Therefore, they will adjust your ranking accordingly because Google believes that your site is not useful to people searching on those keywords.

            Keep in mind that I don't work for Google and of course I have no intimate knowledge of all the stuff that goes into their alogrithms. But, in my experience, the above scenario helps explain why some sites do better than others in the search rankings. Inbound links, descriptive title tags and alt tag descriptions are other items that appear to be important as well.

            Hope this helps.

            Steve Pollak
            Pollak Web Design
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                NatOnline Tracker
                You are right.

                Keywords rich domain is a plus but not all. If you want to do your own SEO, you must read the basics, then decide which techniques you want to apply for your site. I see a lot of sites these days using "stuffing keywords" that will overkill your SEO on the long run as search engines will change their algos and may ajust them and put down the ranking. The sites doing that right now, may enjoy high ranking but for how long?

                The best SEO is staying on the search engines guidelines and you will not have any trouble.

                What I can tell you to know more about SEO is signing up on a webmasters forum.

                Good Luck
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                Team09 Wayfarer

                I quickly reviewed your site and found that your on page optimization could use some work before you worry about a new domain name.

                EX. You may want to think about optimizing each page for it's content rather than just your front page. I also noticed that your Title and Description need work as well. Both are way too long and your descriptions relevency to the page content is very poor. You are also targeting too many keywords, many of which have little relevency to your site, meaning keyword frequency is too low in your content. Each page should be optimized to it's relative content. Also no robot tags and other helpful meta tags are missing.

                I would definitely work on those factors first. If you are going to change your domain name, have each page optimized as a site of it's own, which will increase your chances of having mutiple pages of your site indexed and rank in the SE's. IMO the domain name is not as critical as the page optimization although it won't hurt.

                The work done now will pay off in the long run.
                Best of Luck,
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                    your_web_guy Adventurer

                    yeah i noticed that as well.

                    dont forget that the domain isnt what is listed in search results, its pages. Each page is another opportunity to get in the top ten for different keywords. you have several pages which are long enough to split into two or three pages even if you just paginate the article.

                    Here is the big secret to search engine optimization... seriously dont tell anyone:
                    dont try to get into the top ten for the main keyword/phrase you think you want to be in the top ten for. Get multiple pages into the top ten for smaller keywords. Here is an example with totally ficticious numbers just to illustrate the point. I will assume you can get in the top ten for these keywords:

                    page 1: keyword "Seattle Health Care" (that keyword gets you 30 hits a month 5 buy)
                    page 2: keyword "Seattle Wellness" (15 hits a month 1 buys)
                    page 3: keyword "health care clinic in seattle" (15 hits a month 1 buys)
                    page 4: keyword "chinese health care in seattle" (10 hits a month .5 buys)

                    now compare that to one page in the top 1000 for a huge keyword that gets searched for 100,000 times a month.

                    page: keyword "health care" (you are on page 50 and it gets you 75 hits a month and none buy because only cheepskates who are trying to find something for free or something you dont have)

                    so with each page and throwing a wider, more specific net you get 7.5 sales while using the techinque you are currently you get some traffic but no money. Traffic does not always turn into money if its crap traffic.

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                    dklepp Newbie
                    I agree with all points made above.
                    I too am no expert but havign been dealing with both organic & PPC optimization for a while now, mostly via Google PPC.

                    First use Google's keywords tool. (if you are not using Google Adwords program, Yahoo & MSN both have their version) It not only gives you great suggestions based on what John Q. Public is searching for, but it also lets you know the search volume & trends.

                    Once you have a handle on your keywords, ensure your landing pages really match the keyword searched.
                    Be sure when the seekers clicks on your ad, it takes them to a page that talks about what they searched for.

                    You need to ensure each landing page is specific to the keyword searched. If the landing page is very generic, Google will not rank you as high. You then need to be concerned with your budgeted cost per click. The higher your Quality Score & rank, the lower your CPC bids will be.
                    So if you currently have a lower QS then you will pay a higher CPC than your competitors. If your budget is not high enough, you will not get the desired attention as your ads will not show once your budget is used for the day.

                    You do need to read the basics. Google's adwords help section is a wonderful drug. :)
                    They also have a learning center. Once you go over a topic you can test your knowledge & see what you've retained. While their best practices are very general some things they recommend may not work for your specific business in your specific geographical location. So as you learn & make changes to both your website & campaign, be sure to use their analytical tools. These reports will show you where your leads are coming from and help you determine what changes need to be made & where additional investment may be maximized.

                    Finally, listen to your audience. Get feedback from your customers on your site. They know what they search for & how they search for it. Your customers can give you the best insight possible here.

                    Good Luck!!