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    My Thread Was Removed

    kayakjim Newbie
      I'd like to know why the previous thread I started about selling my silkscreen equipment for someone to create their own start-up business was deleted from this forum.

      I have looked all over this website in hopes of finding a "contact us" link to ask this question, but apparently, we are not meant to communicate with whomever runs the website.

      If I have broken some rule, I wish I would have been politely told rather than having my information deleted and no word as to why.

      I was under the assumption that this website was to help others get their own business started and off to a good start. Would someone please comment on this before it is dismissed like my previous posting.

      Thank you.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          I saw that post -- and saw nothing wrong with it myself. The site's moderators are the only ones who can actually remove something (and they're normally not that fast about doing it) so perhaps it was a technical problem that caused it to vanish (some of my posts have just disappeared -- and usually on Sundays). Try reposting it and see what happens. Welcome to the community and good luck.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            My Thread Was Removed. I also read your post

            • On the right side of the page is Forum Tips "Please post carefully. You can't edit a post after you've submitted it".*

            Why they are vanishing is a great question.

            Happy and Healthy New Year, LUCKIEST
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              bravester Wayfarer
              Also, why does it now say that my post has to be approved by an admin before it would be added to the site? Can the real admins to the site stand up ????
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  My Thread Was Removed, That is a great question.

                  Many of us write great answers, check our spelling, go to Post Message

                  *and then get this post "*has to be approved by an admin before it would be added to the site"

                  No Answer, LUCKIEST
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger
                    Several things might cause a post to have to be approved by admin before it shows up:
                    (1) the post contains a link to an offsite URL that no one has posted before;
                    (2) the post contains a word that triggers the built-in "censor" software, forcing someone to read the context in which the word was used (and the software is VERY restrictive in my experience . . . I've found lots of seemingly innocuous words that will set it off);
                    (3) the post is being made in a thread in which previous posts by other members have generated multiple reports of abuse in a short period (suggesting that things are getting "ugly");
                    (4) the post is being made by a member whose posts have received multiple reports of abuse from other members.

                    Because this site is sponsored by BoA and used as a marketing vehicle for them, I also think the administrators flag posts with certain topics or keywords in order to manage what will be presented in other sites that periodically grab and present content from here (and that have search engine visibility).

                    Finally, in addition to all that, I think they just randomly review things sometimes. Hope that helps.