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    I hate my website part 2 - should I add blog? forum? enews? Adventurer
      Hello forum

      Recently I asked for feedback re my current website (which I detest) and got some good ideas (thanks team!). I am now wondering if I should consider including a blog or a forum or anything else useful for my site? Is it a good idea or a nightmare? (I have also noticed how much time it actually takes to blog etc and at this stage it hasnt lead to any leads or revenue generation).

      If you havent reviewed my repulsive website, please do as I am still seeking comments:

      Your thoughts on the future direction is really helpful and much appreciated.
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          Xeequa Wayfarer

          Customer behavior has changed. Educated decisions are made based on information from the "social web". Social networks, blogs, forums, online communities became the primary source of information for product or brand decisions.


          Take this online community - it brings us together. We can interact, share and discuss. I think you should offer the same capablilty to the visitors of your website. Adding non advertisial smart content to your presence in the social web will increase customers trust.

          I absolute agree with you blogging and adding content to a website is time consuming. Open your blog, the event part, have a discussion forum for your customers, partners and prospects to exchange ideas, make them the advocats for your business.

          We conduct a free webinar *Build your own Social Media Business*o on January 7th, 10 am PST

          We are working with partners also in APAC, so I am sure we will soon have webinars for the APAC region at a much more convenient time.

          Happy New Year



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            vektor Newbie

            Hi Julie
            I can only comment on the design, and the colours and dots feels very 90's to me
            Some images will help break up the text, and I think the logotype is very generic and suggest something more unique for your brand

            I enjoyed the articles you have in your blog especially the one about undervaluing graphic design ;)
            I would also highly recommend any business professional to read Neumeier's "The Brand Gap"

            You should keep blogging, but don't add a forum unless you already have a lot of traffic/potential members.
            I think re-branding and re-designing your website will solve your problem, rather than trying to patch up the existing look.
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              AMULETAnalytics Adventurer
              You might try adding a web database to your site for the Subscribe and Contact function. It is nicer for users to fill in a web form rather than click on an e-mail link. The data that customers enter into the form will be posted to a web database.

              A service that provides this functionality is: It is a subscription service so you don't have to buy database software or pay a developer to build this functionality. You can do it yourself.